Make an Easy Batwing Sleeved Boho Top – Free sewing pattern

Batwing sleeved boho style top - Free sewing pattern and tutorial

A boho style calls for clothing in natural fabric, just right for layering. Free, Flowing, Casual – many adjectives that fit the bohemian style resonates with this top. That is why I call this the Boho top

Checkout the 15 elements of a boho style

bohemian attire 

It is  basically a very very easy top – to sew and to wear. Very breezy because there is no side seam. The top has split open batwing sleeves. Checkout the 15 dressmaking tips to follow for good sewing.

The top needs almost 1.5 meters (1.7 yards ) of fabric which is atleast 39 inch wide.

Step 1

Pattern for the top. This pattern is same for the back and front except for the necklines.

Cut 50 inch fabric , fold by half crosswise, then again fold by the center. Checkout this post on cutting fabric for more details.  Mark the pattern. The pattern is same for front and back. Only difference is the back and front neck depth.

  • A-E = 25″ This is the length of the bodice piece
  • A-B = 4.5 ” This is the neck width. 
  • A-C= 18.5″ 
    C-D= 3″ Come down from C to 3″ at D. Join B to D in a slope
  • B-G = 3″( This is the area for shoulder which you will be joining)
  • E-F = 1/4 of Hip round + 2.5″
    A-G = Back neck = 2″
    A-H = Front neck = 4″

boho top

Cut out the front bodice piece and back bodice piece


easy top pattern

Step 2

Join the shoulders right sides together where you have marked B-G

sew an easy boho pattern

Step 3

Finish the fabric edges of the sides and from C-G on both sides. I just made a rolled edge finish with the rolled edge foot in my sewing machine. Remeber that this will be hanging and needs  a neat finish. Checkout this tutorial to use the hemmer foot correctly for a neat finish

how to sew a boho top

Step 4

Pin the side seams together , overlapping them just 1/2 inch  ; on both sides

boho pattern

Step 5

Measure the fabric edge at the bottom . Add 1 inch seam allowance. Cut out a fabric band strip with this measure. Width should be 4 inch. 

how to sew an easy top

Step 6

Join the band edges together to make a tube. 

easy boho top sewing

Fold along the center keeping the long fabric edges together. Pin together.

Step 7

Keep the bodice’s bottom edge inside the tube you have made ( which is pinned with the fabric edges together)Sew the edges together. 


sew boho style pattern

Step 8

Now you have to bind the neckline.

Cut out a bias binding strip 1.5 inch wide for binding the neckline. Fold the bias binding lengthwise so that the edges are together. Keep it on top of the neckline of the bodice ( rightside up). Stitch the fabric edges together. When you reach where you started join the band edges together. 

Understitch the seam allowance and the binding together, very close to the stitching line. This is so that the binding will roll to the other side easily

Step 9

Flip the binding to the backside. Get a hand needle and thread and stitch the binding in place with small whipping stitches. You can use machine stitching as well. But I prefer the invisiblility of hand sewing stitches.

Checkout this post on the basic hand sewing stitches.

bohemian top

You can turn your scarves into tops which is a similar style by following the tutorial for scarf-tops here

scarf outfits

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Make an Easy Batwing Sleeved Boho Top – Free sewing pattern”

  1. I cant for the live of me figure out where the side seams are? in the photo, you can see the top point of the side seam, is the bottom of the sleeve, and the sleeve is open from there to the shoulder seam. So there must be an open space somewhere near the top of the side seam for the arm to come out. Is the side seam in closer to the body? how long is it? Ok, hope you find the time to answer, thank you for you patterns.

    • There is no side seam as such. The sides are joined at the bottom edge as you can see in Step 4 of the tutorial.

  2. Love the looks of this top… but being a newer sewer, I’m not sure what type of fabric to use? It looks like your fabric might be a knit? (I don’t do knit yet lol) Or can any natural fiber woven be used for this style top? TIA

  3. Thank you so much! One of my favorite blouses is this style, but it’s getting just a bit worn. I wanted a new one and now I can do it 🙂

  4. Unlike other patterns I’ve seen on this site that are based on my individual measurements, this seems to be a one-size-fits-almost-all. The problem is I’m a plus size 24, so I doubt the standard size will fit me. I’m very new to sewing. This top seems really easy to make, if I can just figure out how to adjust for plus size. Thanks.

    • Hi
      You can measure from the middle of the chest to the elbow and make it the measure of A-C which will make the top as per your measurement. ( You will need help when taking this measurement 🙂 ) Hope it helps.

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