Raglan Sleeve – Draft Pattern to sew one in 2 types

Learn how to draft a Ragalan Sleeve Pattern and join this to a bodice

Raglan sleeve is a type of sleeve which is joined to the bodice with a diagonal seam which starts from the neckline and extends to the underarm. This diagonal seam as opposed to a set in sleeve moulds the shoulders and makes for a very forgiving and appealing sleeve pattern.

There are many different types of raglan sleeves depending on the position of their joining to the bodice


raglan sleeves

Regular Raglan sleeve pattern

Take a regular bodice fitting your figure or a top you already have which you intend to add the raglan sleeves to. Checkout the basic bodice pattern here.Keep it on fold. Measure the neckline and shoulder seam. 


Make a sleeve pattern as per the pattern below. 

To make a sleeve – Start by marking a straight horizontal line E-F. Armhole depth as per bust round can be marked as 7.5″  ; this is the measure of  E-F

Mark C up from E at a height of 3.5 inch 

Mark down from C to the sleeve height you need at M . M-N is marked as half of sleeve round + 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

Mark half of E-F at H . Join straight to the line C-D at G. Divide the line H-G inot two. Join F to C in a gentle curve going through this mid point. 

After the regular sleeve is made make a raglan sleeve

Extend the sleeve’s top edge as follows to make the raglan sleeve pattern

Mark up from C to A – shoulder seam of the bodice + 1/2 inch

A-B = 1/2 of the neckline of the top measured above + 1/2 inch

Join B to F in a soft curve or straight. Cut out and open.

ragalan sleeve pattern


Bodice for joining the raglan sleeve

ragalan sleeve bodice


How to add the raglan sleeves to your bodice

Cut out the sleeve pattern . If you want to, give a small curve at the top edge 

ragalan sleeve

Join the sleeves and the bodice in the following pattern

ragalan sleeve pattern

Finish the sleeve hems; Bind the neckline with bias tape ; join the side seams and do the hem. Done . It is the easiest dress ever. 

Flared raglan sleeve

This is a fairly loose raglan sleeve and should be made with a drapey fabric. You can add this to any top which is cut to include a raglan sleeve.

This is a one size fits all ( for adults ) raglan sleeve . Checkout the raglan sleeve  top pattern and tutorial for more details on this sleeve. 

ragalan sleeve pattern

how to make a ragalan sleeve top


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