A {FREE} DIY Raglan Top pattern

A raglan top is a variation of the basic top pattern with the difference being that its sleeves extends to the collar/neckline in one piece and has a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone

source : wikipedia

raglan top sewing pattern


The pattern given here is for a raglan top with a flared sleeves and  shirred waist. The casual fit makes this a very flattering and forgiving (to most figure types)  top. This is better made in a soft flowy fabric.

Ragalan top sewing pattern free

Mark A- G as the full height of the top + 2 inches ; I have taken 30 inch
Mark  A- F 10  inches – armhole length

A-B = 4″ ; this is the neckwidth
A-C = 3″ This is the back neck depth

E-F = 1/4 of bust round + 2.5″ ; Mark this on the line E-F

G-H = 1/4 of hip round + 2.5″ ; Mark this at the bottom edge
I-H = 6″ ; This is the marking for making a dip hem

The point D is marked from C such that it is 1/2 of the measure from B-C + 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

Your Raglan Bodice  pattern is ready.

Cut out the pattern – 2 pieces – back bodice and front bodice – cut both the same


ragalan top pattern

Separate one and keep aside. We will be cutting the neckline and hemline in the front bodice as per the pattern below

ragalan top sewing pattern

The front bodice of this pattern has a v neckline with a drawstring casing. To make this v neck mark as per the pattern above. Lower the neckline some 1″ (4 inch from A) ; Mark and cut out K-L-J; Cut out M-G-I after marking 3 inch up from G

ragalan top pattern

Cut out the sleeves as per the pattern. 

ragaln top pattern

how to make a ragalan sleeve top

Hem the sleeve edge 

ragalan top pattern

Join the bodices and the sleeves together . 

ragalan top sewing pattern


how to sew a ragalan top - free pattern


Make a facing for the V neckline ; A square fabric piece 5″ wide and 5″ long would do. Keep it on the top of the neckline. Pin in place. From the back stitch along the edge of the v nek marking close to the edge. Cut the inside close to the stitching. Turn the facing to the backside of the top. Top stitch in place. On the wrong side use a hand sewing needle to stitch the facing in place.

Now take measurement around the neckline and add 1″ extra. Cut out a piece of bias tape in this measure. Keep it on top of the neckline and stitch them together . Remember to fold the bias tape edge at the start and endingragalan top sewing pattern

Turn the bias tape to the inside and stitch in place. This should make a casing for you for the fabric tubes. 

ragalan top

Make a 60 inch long fabric tube with a 60 inch long bias tape which is 1.5 inch wide. Follow the tutorial here for making fabric tubes. 

make thin tubes

Insert the fabric tube inside the casing with a pin.

ragalan top pattern

The ends of the fabric tube can be finished with a bead or a tassel

ragalan top pattern or maybe this one


Finish the hem of the bodice – front and back with a bias tape.

ragalan top pattern

Remember to clip the seam allowances at 1 inch interval 

ragalan top stitching pattern

Turn to the inside and stitch in place. 

ragalan top free pattern

Mark the place where you want the shirring to  be done; 17 inch from the shoulder. Join the side seam – one side seam only. 

Do the shirring where you marked. Checkout this tutorial to do shirring for more details. Shirring is nothing but sewing with thin elastic thread (on the bobbin). If you donot have this thread, you can make a casing on the waist and thread 1/4 inch elastic as well. 

Join the other side seam now. 




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