A {FREE} DIY Ragalan Top pattern

A ragalan top is a variation of the basic top pattern with the difference being that its sleeves extends to the collar/neckline in one piece and has a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone

source : wikipedia

Here is a picture of actress Jennifer Connelly for your reference of how feminine and flattering ragalan top can look


Make this very flattering and forgiving (to most figure types) patterned top



Mark A- D as the full height of the top + 2 inches
Mark  A- B 7.5 inches
Mark shoulder to waist measurement at K
Mark C from B as 1/4 of bust round + 1.5 inch
Mark  J from K  as 1/4 of waist round + 1.5 inch
Mark E  from D  as 1/4 of hip round + 1.5 inch
Make a soft curved line along E-J-C

Join C- G( make this curve either straight or outwardly curving or inwardly curving)
Mark F from A as per the table below
From F mark 1/2 inch to G ie F-G = 1/2 inch
From A mark 1 inch to 3 inches down to point I for back neckline
From F  mark  to H for front neckline as much neck depth as you want in a soft curved line. You can choose any neckline you want. If you want a different neckline than the regular U draft one as per instructions here.
Join G to C in a soft curved line

Your Ragalan Bodice  pattern is ready.

Ragalan Sleeve Pattern 

Make the regular sleeve pattern as per instruction here . A-D is the center fold of the sleeve

Mark the same measurement as C-G in the bodice for E-B in the sleeve. Mark B-A as 3 inch. Join up from D-A.


Bust MeasurementNeck width ( inches)Neck depth (inches)
242 1/44
262 1/44 1/2
282 1/25
302 1/25 1/2
322 1/26
342 3/46 1/2
362 3/47

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