Men’s Pajama Pants :Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Learn how to sew a very easy to make Pajama pants for men with an elastic waist and a button fly. Step by step tutorial.

This is a sewing tutorial for making a very easy Pyjama Pants with an elastic waistband and a button fly for men. 

How to sew Men’s Pajama Pants – step by step tutorial

To sew this, follow the steps of this tutorial.

Step 1. Cut out the pattern pieces.

You can usually make this pant from 2.5 meters of fabric- which will give you a 41 inch long pants.

You will need 2 front leg pieces and 2 back leg pieces. Take the measurement of the hip and length. For accuracy you can take other measurements like body rise, leg inseam length etc. But to make it easier I have taken a general length.

This is the pattern for the front legs – you need to cut 2 such fabric pieces. Ensure that both mirror each other – you want the fly (curved )part to face each other-ie you should not have identical fabric pieces.

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Front leg pattern - cut 2

The same way, cut out 2 back leg pieces from the pattern given below.

back leg pattern - cut 2

2 front pieces and 2 back pieces of the pant legs for the pajama pants

Step 2. Prepare the right side placket of the front piece

Cut out two fabric pieces ; 4 inch by 7 inch and 2 1/4 inch by 7 inch

Cut out 2 placket pieces one 4 inch wide and another 2 1/4 inch wide

Fold the 4 inch wide fabric by the middle and cut the edges in a curved manner as in the picture below

Fold the bigger placket fabric by half and mark a curved shape in the bottom

Do the same for the other fabric piece too. 

Mark curved shape for both the fabric pieces
Finish the edges with zig zag stitches

Sew placket on the right side leg pattern piece

Keep the right side leg pattern piece right side up in front of you. Keep the 2 inch wide fabric piece along the edge. Sew in place.(Red line is stitching line)

Sew the placket on the crotch side of the pants

Turn it to the back. For smooth turning clip at the seam allowance just under the placket. (Refer picture).

Press in place. You can sew along the front edge too.


Other placket

Take the other folded fabric piece. This is your buttonhole stand. 


Mark a horizontal buttonhole 2 3/4 inch down from the top and 1/2 inch in from the edge. Make the buttonhole. You can either make a hand sewn one or a machine stitched one. 

mark and make a buttonhole on the fly of your pajama pants

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After making the buttonhole, Keep this folded piece on top of the other placket along the edge. (On the back of the fabric)

Keep this on top of the other placket

Stitch the along the curved edge of the placket – this will create a curved stitch at the front of your piece.

This is how it will look after the stitching is done. 


Step 3 : Make the other placket – for button

Take another piece of fabric  3 1/2 inch wide and 7 inches long. 

fabric piece of 7 inch long and 3.5 inches wide

Keep the other front leg piece rightside up in front of you

keep the rightside of the left pattern piece up

Sew it along the edge so that you have a placket which projects out.

Clip the seam allowance just under the placket , as you did earlier. 

sew the other piece to the crotch edge of the left pattern piece

Step 4. Sew the front legs together

Keep the two pieces right sides to the inside, aligned and sew the crotch edges together. The pieces should be aligned as in the picture below.

Sew the legs (front pieces) at the crotch seam

The front piece of the pajama pants sewn at the crotch seams

Step 5. Add a button on the buttonstand

This should correspond to the buttonhole you have made.

Step 6. Sew the back pieces 

Join the crotch seam of the back pattern pieces also.

Sew the back legs together at the crotch edge

Step 7. Join the leg pieces 

Sew the side seams and inseams of the pants. You can join the top edge of the plackets with a basting stitch so that they stay in place till you join the waistband.

Joint the front and back pieces together at the side seams

Step 8. Sew waistband

Measure the top edge of your pants. Add 1 inch seam allowance. Cut out 4 inch wide fabric in this length. Join the short edges with 1/2 inch seam allowance – this will give you your waistband tube. Fold by the middle and it will look like this.

Sew a waistband for the pants

Join the pants part to the waistband

Join the waistband to the top edge. Leave a 2 inch seam unstitched to insert elastic. To know the correct length of elastic try it on the place where you will wear the pants. Usually 2-3 inches is deducted from the measure for a snug fit. Insert the elastic with a pin or bodkin.

Take elastic


Step 9. Hem the legs


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