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Sew an easy Knit top

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how ot sew a Knit Top

The advantage of knit fabric is that it stretches. That is its disadvantage too. But that is ok. It is just like most things in life. I love knit tops – there are none as comfortable as them – and when you love something, you will find ways to turn the advantages to your advantage and ignore the disadvantages. Here is a tutorial to sew a very easy top made of a stretchy knit fabric.

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How to sew the knit top

You need about 1 meter of knit fabric (depending on the length you need) and some bias binding tape cut from a stretchy fabric or synthetic fabric for making this top.

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Step 1.

Fold 2 pieces of fabric 36 inches wide and 21 inches long by the middle. Mark the following pattern dimensions on your fabric.

Sewing a Knit Top

Cut it out.

Step 2.

Separate the 2 pieces. Mark the neck depth differently on both of them.

Mark front depth as 3 inches on one piece and back depth as 1 inch on the other piece.

Sew a Knit Top - tutorial

Cut them out separately

Step 3. Bind the neck edges with a bias binding tape

First keep the bias tape on the neckline edge, rightsides together. Sew together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Sewing tutorial for a Knit Top

Fold the cut edge 1/4 inch to the inside.

Turn the bias tape to the back (not fully ; the edge will be covered with the tape as in the picture below) and pin in place.

Stitch in the ditch from the front.

You will be catching the folded edge of the bias tape at the back when you do this. Ensure that this is happening.

Now again fold this bound edge to the back and stitch in place from the front, neatly. It will look like this.

Do this for both the neckline edges.

Step 4.

Keep the shoulder edges together, overlapping. Pin in place. Sew the overlapping seam together. Do this for both sides.

Keep the bias tape (side edges turned to the inside) pinned on top of this seam. 

Sew in place.

It will look like this.

Step 5.

Join the side seams of the front and back as usual – rightsides together. Fold the hems (bottom edge of the top and sleeve hem) and stitch in place.

Make a knit top from one meter fabric

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