KNIT FABRIC – 12 main types to make clothes with

For the layman, a knit fabric is what the t-shirts are made of. For me, knit is a stretchy fabric that makes beautiful clothes,  comes in a variety of vivid colors and prints and hides a multitude of faults in my body by virtue of its elasticity. For the expert, jersey knit, rib knit and all those different types of knit fabric names make sense- but for you and me the beauty and ease of the collective knit fabrics are usually enough.

How is a knit fabric different from the woven fabric ?

A woven fabric is made by weaving one fiber with another in a criss-cross pattern but Knit fabrics are made by looping together long lengths of a single yarn. You see only one-way yarn all going in one direction on the surface of the knit fabric. This special type of construction makes the knit fabric stretch ( its most characteristic feature).  You can see for yourself the ribs or visible vertical columns of loops on the surface of the fabric.

There are different types of knit fabrics which might confuse you when you reach a retail shop for buying fabric – because most of them look the same. But when you look carefully there are distinct features that differentiate these knit fabrics. Some of the most common knit fabric names that you will find in shops when you go fabric shopping are as below


1 Jersey knit

This is a light to medium weight single knit fabric. This is the most preferred knit fabric for making dresses. It has a beautiful drape. It is also made in different types of fibers like, wool jersey, silk jersey etc.

different types of knits

You can see that the two sides of the fabric are different. One side of the fabric has only knit stitches ( which looks like chain stitches) and the other side has purl stitches. It has a fair amount of stretch as well. 

Cotton jersey fabric is the most preferred of jersey fabric. It is a medium weight 4 way stretch knit fabric. Rayon jersey is a great fabric for sewing clothes as well because of its softness.  It usually has a  4-way stretch .Interlock twist jersey, Matte Jersey, metallic jersey are other available variations.

Jersey knit slub fabric – in this type of fabric slub yarns are added to the single jersey fabric for added thickness and better appearance.

2 Elastane knit

You take 10 tops in your cupboard and you will find that 8 of them is in this fabric.It has the comfort of cotton or at times polyester and stretchiness and ease of knit.  These are lycra or spandex knit blend fabrics ( elastane) .  It is soft but if you want to sew with them you may find it difficult. It is a great fabric for making sleepwear because of its comfort level.

3 Rib knit

knit fabric types

Rib knits are fabrics with visible distinct vertical ribs on both sides of the fabric. It is a double-faced reversible fabric 

It is usually used to make bands on turtlenecks, t-shirt neckband etc but you can make whole garments with this fabric as well. It has a crosswise stretch and a very soft feel. You can make drapey flattering clothes with this. Cardigans, sweaters, camisoles etc are usually made with rib knit fabric

Depending on the size of the rib, rib knits are available as  1*1 rib kit , 2*2 rib knit and 3* 3 rib knit and even 6* 6 knit. 1*3 rib knit is an uneven rib knit

4 Doubleknit

Double knit is a medium weight knit fabric which usually looks the same on both sides and has less stretch than a single knit fabric. It looks on first glance as if two knit fabric is kept together ( hence the name). Usually, it looks same on both sides ( this is not always true, but mostly it is the same). It is thick and fluffy because of its special two needle construction. Many different fibers are used to make double knits. – cotton, rayon, wool etc, even synthetic fibers are used

Double knit with rayon is the most preferred double knit fabric because it is very soft.

5 Interlock

This is a reversible knit fabric with very fine lengthwise ribs; You might confuse this fabric with a jersey knit but on closer reverse side look you will see that the fabric looks the same on both sides, unlike in jersey. The smooth surface of interlock knit fabric makes it suitable for design works, like fabric painting, embroidery etc.

It is thicker than other knits ( almost double the thickness of jersey knits) and hence you will find it easier to sew with. It keeps its shape to a degree and is great for making fitting dresses and even tailored clothes.

6 Lace knits

This is a beautiful fabric to make clothes with because this fabric combines the beauty of lace with the elasticity of knit- but the problem is in maintaining it; below is the photo of a lace knit after some over-enthusiastic washing – maybe I did pop it into the washing machine -ouch.

knit fabric different types

7 Mesh Knits

This is a durable open work knit which has the look of tulle fabric.It is sheer, lightweight and has a good stretch with good strength. It is available in very pretty prints.

Sequins are stitched with machine on this fabric to make beautiful sequined fabric

8 Piled knit

Eyelash Knit is knit fabric with a pile. It looks almost like faux fur because of the pile. It is usually used to make sweaters and for making trims. Terrycloth Knit is a knit fabric which mimics the look of the toweling fabric. One side will be flat but the other side will be super piled with loops all over the surface.Fleece knit is a piled knit with a knit look on the backside but with a very fuzzy top surface.

9 Sweater knits

These are knits which are specially used for making sweaters. They are available in many types. They usually are firmly / closely knit and has a stable strong feel. It is very comfortable to wear ; some sweater knits have texture build on them, some have open weave resulting in an almost sheer look

10 Purl knit

different kinds of knit fabrics

Purl knit is a bulky knit fabric with 2 way stretch. It is about 2-3 times the thickness of jersey knit. It has the same look on both sides of the fabric -with knit stitches and purl stitches appearing in the same column along the length on the surface of the fabric. It has a crosswise as well as lengthwise stretch. It is usually used to make sweaters

11 Tricot

This is a fabric with lengthwise ribs on one side and crosswise ribs on the other. It is soft and thin fabric. Tricot knit fabric  is usually used for making lining; you can also make swimwear as well as lingerie with tricot

12 Handmade knit fabric

Knitting is a hobby to countless men and women all across the world. With the help of knitting needles and yarn and countless hours of patient hand labour beautiful fabric is knitted and made into clothes – more beautiful than any machine can conjure up – because of the love and effort that goes into each piece.

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