Sew a Bohemian Hippie pants : DIY pattern & tutorial

Learn to make a pattern and sew a comfortable unisex bohemian hippie pants .The elastic waistband and loose fit makes it ideal as maternity pants as well.

bohemian hippie pants

This Hippie pants is one of the easiest pants I have ever sewn; Just 3 seams and 3 elastic bands later you have an incredibly comfortable  pant ready. If that is not easy sew !

The free movement possible with this pant is incredible. Free flowing and breathable design of this pants make it ideal as maternity pants as well. The drop crotch design is fashionable and trendy as well. These make great casual wear for men also

The harem pants are the most bohemian of all pants in my opinion. Checkout the pattern and tutorial for harem pants here, especially the second one. Checkout the easy wrap pants patterns (2 styles) after you have made this. 

diy wrap pants pattern

You can make this pants in soft and flowy fabric. A lightweight cotton, silk or rayon is the ideal fabric for this pants. Even a sheer fabric like chiffon can be used to make this – you just have to wear it on top of a complementing leggings ( if you want). Batik and Ikat prints in soft fine cotton fabric will give you that really boho feel to the pants. 

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How to sew the Bohemian hippie pants

To make this pants for an adult you should have two fabric panels measuring 44 inch in width and 45 inches in length. The 45 inch length will give you a pants of 41 inch height, after you have turned under for the elastic casing at waist and ankles.

Fold the two panels by half. You now have 4 layers of cloth . From the folded side measure 1/4 of your hip round+ 5 inches.  

Make a mark 2 inch down so that you can give a soft curve to the waist.

From the bottom edge mark up 7 inches near the fold . Join this to 7 inches short of the other edge.

Join in a soft curve. This will form the crotch section.

From the left bottom edge go up 3 inches and mark for leg opening. Join this straight to the waist. You have the pattern ready. 

boho hippie pants pattern

How to sew the hippie pants 

Open up the pant pieces and you have 2 fabric pieces like given below. Join the crotch section and the side seams by keeping them right sides together. 


Then it is just a matter of sewing up ankle elastic casings and waistband elastic casings by turning under the edges twice. You need to make a bigger casing for the waistband than the ankles.

Do not forget to leave a 1″ opening to insert elastic. Insert 1/2 inch elastic for the waist and 1/4 inch elastic for the ankles with a safety pin. Sew up the opening closed. That is it. 

You can also sew this as a free size version following the pattern given below

(A drawstring waist is another option – Checkout the tutorial to make thin fabric tubes to make drawstrings for this pants. The drawstring waist allows you to adjust the waist looser or tighter as you wis )

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