Easy Drawstring lounge pants ( Free DIY Sewing Pattern )

drawstring lounge pants diy pattern

Make Sewing pattern for Drawstring lounge pants

Front leg Pattern

Easy Drawstring lounge pants ( Free DIY Sewing Pattern )

Back Leg Pattern.

Easy Drawstring lounge pants ( Free DIY Sewing Pattern )

What do you need to make this easy pants

  • Cording or braid for the drawstring or thin fabric tubes
  • Fabric – Twice the Length needed +1/4 meters
  • Bias tape or crosswise cut fabric strip – 5 inch wide; length = waist round of the pants + 1″
  • Interfacing – 2 – 1″ square pieces for reinforcing buttonholes

Step 1

Cut out the pattern pieces for the pant leg pieces (4 in total) and the waistband. 

Step 2.

Stitch the crotch seams of back pieces together ( right sides together) first ; and then front pieces together.

drawstring pants

Now sew the side seams joining the two legs.

drawstring lounge pants

Then join the inner leg seams.

Step 3

Hem your pant legs. I would do a blind hem stitch. You can just turn under 1/2 inch twice and stitch. 

Step 4

lounge pants with drawstring

For the waistband cut out double fold fabric strip 

  • Width = 5 inch width 
  • Length = Measure the waist round of the pants you have made. Add 1 inch to this Length.

Fold the strip by 2 3/4 inch on one side and 2 1/4  inch on either side of the center fold lengthwise.

Now fold 1 inch from both the edges inside. Press again by the fold in the middle. you have a double fold strip which is slightly wider on one side as the picture above. 

Step 6

drawstring lounge pants

Mark the center of this bias tape strip. Mark  two marks for buttonholes or eyelets  1/2 inch to either side of  the center of the bias tape on one side ( which will be the face of the waistband – the 2 3/4 inch wide piece) .

Easy Drawstring lounge pants ( Free DIY Sewing Pattern )

Attach some interfacing to the back of where you marked. Make two buttonholes   (almost buttonholes, yes I cheated) where you marked.You can make buttonholes easily with your sewing machine or  checkout the proper hand sewn buttonhole tutorial here.

drawstring lounge pants pattern

Step 7

Open the bias tape, and pin the bias tape center ( 2 3/4 wide side) to the pant center seam ( the crotch seam) so that the buttonholes are on either side of the center seam of the pants. Pin all along till the back. Stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance . ie you will be sewing along the first crease in the bias tape ( with a 1″ seam allowance). 


When you get all the way around to the end of the tape, 1/2 before the  fold the top length under about 1/4″, and sew it over the raw edge of the start of the tape.
Step 7

Stitch the back of waistband – Because the bias tape is wider on the other side ( 3 1/4 inch), you can ditch stitch from the top and catch the back fold of the bias tape in place.

You can also hand stitch the  bias tape with a whip stitch. 

drawstring pants

Step 8

Thread the cord through the casing. Keep the drawstring in place .  Bring the ends out through the drawstring buttonholes on the outside.

drawstring lounge pants

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