Sewing pattern & tutorial for a Flared Pants that looks like a Skirt

Step-by-step tutorial that provides guidance on how to create unique flared pants with a design that resembles a skirt because of its flare
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flared pants that look like both a skirt and a pant

Is it a Pant or a Skirt ?

It is a pant that looks like a very flared pleated skirt.

If voluminous silhouettes are not your thing, this skirt is not for you. This is a pant  with very flared legs and pleats and an elastic waistband – everything that translates to volume and fullness. This flared pants looks almost like a skirt because the division of the leg of the pants almost gets lost in the many folds of the pants.

Pattern for the Flared Pants

Step 1. Cut out the pant pieces 

Take a fabric 60 inches in width – cut 2 meters of this cloth for the pants. You need a little extra for the waistband. Cut the 2 meters by half- giving you 2 fabric pieces 40 inches in length. Cut out 4 inches from the 60 inch width. (Or if you want the full width take the whole 60 inch width) So now you have two fabric pieces 40 inches in length and 56 inches in width. When you fold each of these pieces they will be 28.5 inches in width for each side for your pants.

You can use crosswise cutting if you do not have a fabric of width 60 inches. You need about 3 meters of fabric for this skirt. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 56 inches in length. Cut the width of the fabric to 40 inches. These are your leg pieces.

The length of the pant is a free size of 41.5 inches. Adjust to your length along the leg length.

Fold the 56 inch width fabric by the middle.

Cut out two fabric pieces for the pants as the pattern given below

cut out the pattern pieces for the flared pants

Step 2. Sew the crotch seam

Keep the two fabric pieces (57 inch by 40 inch) you have rightsides together – matching the crotch seam cut . Sew the crotch seams together on either side – the red line in the picture.

flared pants

Step 3. Sew the leg seams

Bring the crotch seam to the middle.

Sew the legs seams .

Turn the pants right side out as you are done.

Step 4. Hem the pant legs.

Now finish the hem of the pant legs – Turn under the bottom edge first 1/2 inch and then 1 inch and stitch in place.

Step 5. Make the waistband

Cut out the waistband piece with a bias cut (cut diagonally across the fabric) for stretch – the piece should be 5 inches in width and length equaling hip round + 2 inches. (Take the measurement around the widest part of your hip)

flared pants

Elastic 1.5 inch width ; length – waist round + 1 inch ; the elastic when made into a tube by sewing the edges together should glide over the hips easily.

To make the waistband you need to take the waistband fabric piece you have cut out and join the short edges. Fold by the middle. Keep aside. Join the short edges of the elastic also to form a tube. Insert the tube inside the waistband and top stitch along the periphery of the elastic holding it inside.

Step 6. Sew the pleats in place

Pleat the top edge of your pant piece to fit your waistband. You can pleat the top edge however you want – the best is to make facing knife pleats on either side of the crotch seam. Check out all the pleat options you have got.

Step 7. Join the waistband and the pants

Now join the waistband to the pant top edge. 

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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11 thoughts on “Sewing pattern & tutorial for a Flared Pants that looks like a Skirt”

  1. I thought this tutorial was good. I loved the finished results. I do wish a size range on this was included. I read it twice to see if I missed it. You may have updated it as I see inches and meters, it’s easy to use a measuring tape to see both, so did bother me at all. Regarding Step 2; with the volume do front and back matter? I see in the photo that the crotches do look different than just one. So clarification would help. I do need a size. Would not want to waste 3 meters of fabric if it won’t fit. I still loved this tutorial and am ready to give it a go. thank you.

  2. Super cute design! Love how easy it is and you explained it so well! Not having side seams means it can flow over your sides freely and be comfortable still! Super easy to adapt side seams in if you wanted to have the different front and back widths to and then we can add seam pockets!
    Thanks for this tutorial!

  3. Why haven’t you made a back and front crotch of different measurements? The back being wider on the crotch. You’ve made the crotch with 2 fronts. The skirt looks fantastic, but for comfort we do need different crotchless measurements.

    • Hi Thandiwe
      It is like this – you cut two leg pieces – each has a crotch side on either side, ok? . Then keep these two leg pieces one on top of the other (rightsides inside) then it will look like this. Sew the two crotch seams together. Just try with a paper and you will get it.

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