20 Types of pants (Name each one of them)

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Dressy to casual, pants fit all types of styles. I think that the most important things to consider when going about getting your pants are:

  1. It fits you properly. 
  2. The color of the pants complements you.
  3. The style matches your age and body shape.

If these considerations are taken care of, your pair of pants will make you look fabulous. Check out the choices you have when it comes to pants, and decide which one you need right now.

identify the names of different types of pant styles

The most common Pant styles

Dress pants

dress pants

This is the most common type of pants; you probably own one and wear it to work every day.

Dress pants (or suit trousers as they are also called) refer to pants that are worn for formal to semi-formal functions; they are usually made of woven material/expensive suiting material and may or may not be part of a suit. These pants typically have an opening in the front with zippers or buttons.

Slack is a trouser that is not part of a suit. 

Straight pants, as the name suggests, are straight all along their length. Flat-front pants are seamless and pocketless. 

Straight pants
Straight pants

Here is a tutorial to make it comfortable to wear straight pants for women.


Jeans are pants made of denim.

It is characterized by double stitching lines all along the seams done in a thick thread. Made for rough use, jeans epitomize youthfulness. To know the names of 45 different types of jeans in this post – Different types of jeans. 

jeans fashion

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Overalls or Jumpsuits


These are pants that have a bodice attached to it at the waistline. 


These are a mix of pants and shorts. They are knee-length or slightly longer.

Capri/pedal pusher is a 3/4 length pant – the hem falls below the knees. The hem is usually cuffed.  

Check out the 17 different types of shorts there are.


Harem pants

These are trousers with gathers at the waist and ankles. Elastic bands or waistbands hold the gathers with drawstrings.

 Baggy pants

These pants are loose fitting pants. Harem pants is a type of baggy pants. Baggy jeans is another pants in this style. Boyfriend jeans is a type of baggy pants.

Bell Bottoms/ Flared pants

bell bottom pants

These pants are fitted at the waist, hips, and thighs and flare from the knees. Bootcut pants/jeans are in this style. In this type, the flare starts from the knees to the ankles.

At different points in history, they were called by other names – hipster pants, sailors pants, and yachting pants.



These are very fitted pants made of hosiery or knitted stretch material.

Treggings are leggings that look like trousers, and Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans with small details like pockets (faux) and front fly, and the jean’s special seam stitching.

Learn more about the difference between leggings, pantyhose and stockings.


Most people confuse tights and leggings and call them by the same name. But there is a slight difference between leggings and tights; though tights are made of the same stretch material as leggings, tights extend to cover the whole foot.

Punk Pants

These are pants with lots of stitching lines and pockets stitched on them for decorative purposes rather than functional ones. They are trendy among the young generation, and the style varies over the years.

punk pant styles

Stirrup pants

Stirrup pants are very similar to leggings, the only difference being that they have a connecting strap that goes under the foot holding the pant in place like a belt.

Cargo pants/Carpenter pants

Cargo pants and carpenter pants are pants with additional pockets or different types of pockets than the ones on traditional pants – usually placed halfway down the pant legs. Cargo pants are also called combat pants.

The carpenter pants have more than four pockets, and additional hoops called hammer loops (under the main pockets).

Cargo pants feature special roomy cargo pockets halfway down the legs.

Fatigue Trousers

These are military-inspired pants (imitating the original trousers worn by American Military in the Vietnam war) with details like Zip-fly with button closure, inner drawstring, and buttoned-down cargo pockets in camouflage fabric.

Stovepipe pants (Drainpipe trousers)

drainpipe pants

The term Stovepipe refers to the fitted silhouette of the pants. Stovepipe pant is used almost synonymous with skinny jeans, so you know what it looks like. Stovepipe pants are very slim-fitting pants with tapered legs (trousers or jeans). They look almost like leggings on you. Most of the stove pipe pants are designed ankle length.

Other names for these pants are cigarette pants, and pencil leg pants.

Peg-leg pants

peg pants

These are relaxed fit pants with a cropped, tapered leg; they taper and become fitting at the ankle where it ends. They have darts at the legs to make the pants slim fitting there. 

Toreador pants

toreodor pants

These pants are cropped, close-fitting, and end somewhere near the calf, just under the knee. They resemble the pants that Spanish bullfighters wear and hence the name.  

Eastern pants

These are pants that have elasticized or drawstring waists with big flared legs.

Jodhpur pants

These pants are loose to the knees and end in a simulated cuff at the ankles. A different take on Jodhpurs is riding habits worn by the horse riders. They are calf-length and end in a long fake cuff.

jodhpur pants

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants
Cropped pants

This is a pants style with the hem cut just above the ankle. Flood pants is in this style – cut just above the ankle.

Brancusi Pants

brancusi pants

This style has a balloon-shaped silhouette near the leg opening. It is usually an ankle-length pant style.


These are trousers with a bib that is attached to the back with two adjustable straps. Workmen usually wear these – basically overalls used as work clothes.

dungarees pants

They are made of very thick material. They have a long stitching line starting at the neck and going along the crotch line at the front and back. The bib usually has a pocket or sometimes a patch. Pockets are usually topstitched.  

A short history of women’s pants

When Coco Chanel came across wide-legged trousers during a trip to Venice, it signaled the rise of a new era in women’s fashion. Till then, only women workers wore trousers, and that too for ease of working. Coco Chanel’s patronage made the loose slacks a high fashion statement. During the 1950s High waisted cigarette pants and capri pants gained fashion favor. Wide waistbands, flat fronts, side zippers, high waists – all these were features of these pants.

The 1970s saw bell-bottom flared trousers gaining attention following the hippie movement. In the 1980s the masculine silhouette with corporate style pants along with oversized jackets gained popularity.

In 1990s, a grunge look with baggy trousers and ripped jeans were fashionable. Then by 2000, came skinny jeans and low-rise jeans. Sporty chic with cool track pants and pants suits are all fashionable as we speak.

If you are looking for the different categories of pants in terms of their fit, cut rise, etc., check out this post Fitting guide for pants – 15 terms that matter.

pants fitting

More Pant Names

Where pants always called pants?

No, once upon a time, they were called breeches, knickerbockers, and pantaloons

Are Oxford bags bags or pants?

They are pants ; They were popular during the 1920s as pants worn by students of Oxford university.

Are hot pants, pants?

No, they are very very short shorts.

What are pants that flare and look like a skirt called?

This is a Japanese pants called Hakama.

What are the pants used for exercise called?

Warm-up pants, track pants, loose yoga pants

Which pant style is best if you prefer alternate fashion?

Punk pants, Baggy and or distressed denim jeans or camouflage cargo pants

What is special about pants worn with tuxedo?

They have satin stripes along the outerseam – side stripe pants

What are pantsuits?

This refers to a set of matching pants and jacket worn by women. Also called Trouser suits

What are the sagging style pants called? Which fashion style is it associated with?

The sagging style pants are called Drop-crotch pants. It is a trend which started in the 1970s with the hip hop style of clothing.

Which pant style is associated with the army?

The khaki pants/combat pants – they started as camouflage clothing for the army men but today khakhi pants are considered as functional and comfortable clothing for everyday wear


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