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Do you know about these 18 Types of Shorts ?

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Shorts needs no introduction. But to be formal I would define it as a type of trousers that are short.

There are people who live in shorts but there are also those who despise them. Love them or dislike them, you cannot ignore them . They are everywhere. And so many different types of shorts. Most of them are categorised according to their length and some as per the cloth which it is made of.

18 Types of shorts 

1 Booty shorts

These are really short low rise shorts which is supposed to just about cover the minimum modesty. It is almost like an underwear and are worn under short skirts.

types of shorts

2. Boy shorts

These are shorts which are just a little longer than the booty shorts. They are high rise shorts.

types of shorts

2 Jamaican shorts

Jamaican shorts refers to shorts which lie between the knee and crotchline

types of shorts

3 Bermuda shorts

This shorts, which is also known by names walking shorts or dress shorts, ends about 1 inch above the knee. It is a semi-casual clothing; They usually have a cuff at the hem.

types of shorts

4 Knee length shorts

As the name suggests they end up at the knees

5 Pedal pusher shorts

These shorts ends about 2 inches below the knee

6 Toreador shorts

This shorts falls somewhere between the knee and the feet

7 Capri

This shorts ends some 3-5 inch below the knee. Check out the post with a sewing pattern and tutorial to make them yourself

capri pants pattern

8 Boyfriend shorts

This shorts is a loosely fitting shorts with a relaxed baggy fit. It is usually over sized and distressed with lots of rips.

types of shorts

9 Chino shorts

These are classic knee length walking shorts made of a cotton twill material. They have a zip front closure.

types of shorts

10 Cut off shorts

types of shorts

These are shorts which is made from pants/ jeans that have been cutoff to be shorts. They usually are cut off above your knee, or a little higher. They have a ragged cut edge at the hem because it is cut off and adds to the rugged look. Learn about the different ways to make cut off shorts from jeans here.

diy cut off jean shorts

11 Wrap shorts

These are shorts with a wrap around look.

12 Cargo Shorts

These are loose baggy shorts with lots of baggy pockets.They are also called combat shorts; they always feature one or more cargo pockets

different types of shorts

13 Slipshort

This is a type of shaping shorts which serve the purpose of a slip.Just like a slip you can wear this under dresses and skirts. These are made in a stretchy fabric. The ones by jockey is very popular among girls who wear them instead of a slip.

14 Skorts

These are shorts with a skirt attached.

types of shorts

15 Swimming trunk shorts

These are shorts used for swimming by men ; they are made of light, fast-drying materials like nylon or polyester and usually has an inner underwear lining which is tighter

types of shorts

16 Boxer shorts

These are elastic waist shorts worn by men; they are named so because they resemble the shorts used by the boxers. A body hugging boxer shorts is also called huggers/grippers. You can learn a lot more about boxer shorts here.

types of shorts

Check out the pattern and tutorial to make a boxer shorts here 

mens boxer shorts pattern

17. Board shorts

These shorts look like the swimming trunks , the difference being that they have drawstring waist and are longer than the swimming trunks. They also do not have the inner lining that the swimming trunks have.

many types of shorts

18. Knee hugger shorts

These are knee length shorts with a drawstring at the hem – you can draw the draw string tight and closed – hence the name knee hugger.

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Girl’s shorts – 3 ways to sew them

how to sew shorts


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  1. is it ok to wear knee-length shorts in Mormon country? HECK NO even the dentist will make personal comments if you do. I don’t get it–women wear skirts to the knees and shorts reveal LESS but somehow they are evil?

  2. Thank you for all of this information. I was looking for a specific length and it’s good to know the names of the me gths and styles if shorts that are out there.

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