Men’s Boxer shorts – Free sewing pattern & tutorial

Easy way to make Men's Boxer shorts - Learn how to sew boxer shorts with fly

mens boxer shorts pattern

Men’s Boxer shorts pattern and sewing tutorial

For me sewing a simple pajama shorts is easy- it is a perfect beginner sewing project that could be sewn from start to finish in even less than half an hour. But men’s boxer shorts baffled me with its concealed fly placket, buttonholes, and the separate waistband- till I decided to take one apart.

I cut apart an old boxer brief belonging to my husband (It has seen some wear – a boxer shorts is one of the most comfortable garments for men ) – this is as simple as simple could be – I am happy – simple and easy sewing is my forte. Hurray. More home stitched boxer shorts. Maybe.If he is sweet enough.

how to make men's boxer briefs

Note: When I sew this I very obviously did not know how to cut and sew with checks – the patterns do not have matching checks!  If you are interested to know check out the post “What is Plaid? Plaid Vz heck Vz Tartan. You can also look at the different types of checkered fabric patterns – checks are the best for boxers. 

How to sew men’s boxer shorts

Step 1

Cut out the 2 pieces for the back as per the pattern below.

Boxer shorts sewing pattern

boxer shorts pattern for men

boxer shorts pattern

Keep both the pieces together (rightsides inside ) and stitch the crotch seam. FInsih the edges with serging or zig zag.

how to make men's boxers

Hem the bottom edge of the legs . I turned under 1/2 inch twice and stitched the hem in place.

Your back pattern will look like this now. Keep aside

how to stitch a boxer shorts

Step 2

Cut out the two pieces for the front as per the pattern below



mens boxer short pattern


Step 3

make boxer briefs

You have to add button and buttonhole plackets to the front fly area.

Lay the two pieces down , rightside up. The one on the left ( this will come on the rightside on the body) will have the (smaller) button placket. The one on the right will have  a wider buttonhole placket. It will be sewn so that it is concealed. You will not see the buttonhole and button from the rightside , when sewn this way.

Step 4

Cut out the 2 placket pieces

Step 5

Now we will be sewing the plackets to the fly area.

Start with the smaller button placket

boxer shorts stitching

Fold the placket piece by the middle; rightsides out. Finish the long edge and the bottom edge with a serger or zig zag stitch.

Keep the folded placket piece on top of the leg piece , so that, the stitched edge of the placket is on top of the fly length of the leg pattern piece

how to make mens boxers

Open the placket to the other side. Iron from the top. The left side piece will look like this now, with the placket projecting out.This is your button placket

how to make men;s boxer shorts pattern

Now take the other placket piece and front  leg piece

boxer shorts sewing pattern

Fold the placket piece by center. Finish the edges of the placket the same way as you did with the other placket – side edge and bottom edge

boxer shorts pattern tutorial

Keep it on the edge of the fly part of the leg piece the same way you did with the other leg; stitch in place

You have a big placket piece here. Now fold it by the center, upwards. Now it is half its width. Refer Picture below. Iron this fold in place

Now open up this fold. You have to attach button and buttonhole. You can do the buttonhole sewing and button sewing by machine easily. Checkout the posts on making a buttonhole with your sewing machine here and how to correctly sew buttons. But since it is a lone button here I made the buttonhole by hand. Check out the tutorial to sew a buttonhole by hand perfectly here.

boxer shorts sewing pattern

boxer briefs sewing pattern

Now fold back the buttonhole placket same way that you did earlier. You have to fold it again to the back .

It will look like this now, Placket folded to the back. You can pin the top edge of the folds in place. I somehow skipped the top stitching of the fly part. It will keep the fold at the top in place


Step 6

Now arrange the two front pieces so that the plackets are correctly overlapping. Baste stitch the top in in place (red line above)

The button placket will be concealed like this

Step 7

Stitch the crotch seam of the front legs from the inside

Step 8

Now stitch the hem of the legs  . Turn under the edges 1/2 inch twice and stitch in place for a simple hem.

Step 9

Sew the back and front pieces together at the side seams and inner leg seams .The leg part of the boxer shorts is ready. Now we have to attach a waistband

Step 8

Take out the waistband piece you have cut out. Join the edge together so that it is a circle now. It should be the exact same dimension as the top edge of your shorts.

boxer shorts sewing pattern

Keeping the fabrics rightsides together, stitch the waistband edge to the shorts’ top edge. Stitch in place.

Turn to the other side and stitch. For a neater finish stitch in the ditch from the top catching the fold of the waistband on the backside. Remember to leave some 1-2 inches unstitched to insert the elastic.

Insert an 1/2 inch elastic ( measure around the place where the shorts will be worn. Add 1″ extra. This is the length of elastic you need to insert – if you want tighter reduce 1″).Stitch the hole closed. If you have fold over elastic, you can simply attach the elastic to the back of the waistband – no more inserting elastic into the casing etc. Easier the better. This is how it is done in the Levis brand of boxer shorts. So there. 

If you want a zippered fly to your shorts you can have a look at this tutorial

pant fly with zipper

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

71 thoughts on “Men’s Boxer shorts – Free sewing pattern & tutorial”

  1. I have used this pattern before making adjustments depending on the model I am making for. It came out perfectly. I believe you need to know the size of the person. I made a short for a big n tall person whose waist is 52″ so worked with the measurements of him n adjusted the pattern.
    I am back as I lost the first pattern. Going to make more.
    Since I don’t like adding waist bands I am adding that measurement to the main body.

  2. I’m making the size M. I’ve noticed that there’s sth wrong with the size of the back panels: They are too narrow.
    For the front panel A-B = 36.25 cm (14.5″) and it seems ok. However, for the back panel, A-B=37.5 cm (15″) and is way too small. “Measuring” (line on the screen) the cut fabrics on the photo gives back A-B=44 cm (17.6″)

  3. Waistband? Your instructions mention assume that the waistband has been cut, but there are no specific instructions for cutting it. Much later in the tutorial cutting the waistband the measurement of the top of the boxers is mentioned, but no where do I find a width measurement for the waistband.

    Accurate sewing requires precision and attention to detail – missing that with this tutorial.

  4. There is no mention of seam allowances. How much seam allowance are you assuming and is it included in your measurements or does it need to be added?

  5. Has anyone tried using different size for the front & back panels? Like medium measurement for the front & large for the back? Because large seems to big for the hubby

  6. Hi, just wondering if you can tell me, is this a guided sewing tutorial only or is there an actual template / pattern that we can cutout ourselves. thanks

  7. I’m really bad with written directions (even with the pictures in between ~_~) do you happen to have a video of the step by step process?

    • Hello, I have to make a XL and a XXL. What would your measurements be for those sizes?
      Thank you in advance.

  8. I really love the tutorial.

    But I didn’t understand the wistband area . Can you please explain.

    The length of the elastic to use is How many length

    • Hi
      You have to measure the area you will wear the waistband – with the elastic and add seam allowance. Or use the tape measure to measure the area and subtract 3 -5 inches depending on the elastic quality.

    • What is width of the waistband? And also can you explain how to do the 2nd step of sewing waistband on? Where/how does it attach after you’ve sewed the first part onto shorts? I’m a little confused. Thank you.

    • Same query as previous person
      I really love the tutorial.

      But I didn’t understand the wistband area . Can you please explain.

      Have gone for a medium and my partner has a 34inch waist

      The length of the elastic to use is How many length

    • Hi Paula
      For any waistband you have to measure the waist round and then minus around 3 to 5 inches from this and then add extra 1 inch as seam allowance – then check this on the actual waist and ensure it will come down along the hips : )

  9. I’m really bad with written directions (even with the pictures in between ~_~) do you happen to have a video of the step by step process?

  10. Hello, thx for your pattern. I have a question. On the real photo you can see both of the fabric (front and back) is almost the same width according the design on the fabric. Even the back is little bit wider. But on the pattern picture according the numbers the back is a lot smaller. Why? Thx

    • Thx for your feedback. If a man has e.g. size S both of the fabric has the same width 13,5. So I have the same pieces of fabric with the width 13,5 and height 15 for front and 17 for back. Is it right? But points B-C at the front is 2 1/4 so it is 13,5 minus 2 1/4 (and minus 1/4). Points BD at the back is 5,5 so 13,5 minus 5,5. The results is bigger for front not for back :-(. Sorry for that but I am begginer. I write what I count:-)

  11. Thanks, I have tried on paper and it looks good except that I had issues trying to put the peices together. However, I eventually go it done. I intend to try using clothing

  12. I’m an experienced seamstress, but I sure had some problems with this tutorial! I still can’t get the crotch seam connected smoothly to the lower fly area… I have picked it apart twice and reattached. I used a 1/4″ seam, even though that was stated nowhere in the instructions. Going to pick it apart again tomorrow and try again.

    Also, where is the pattern for the waistband? I understand it needs to be the same circumference as the garment (AFTER THE SEAMS ARE SEWN), but how wide is the piece supposed to be? I can probably figure this out, as well as allowing for the seam allowance of what, 1/4″ 1/2″ ?

    Forgive me if I sound grouchy, but this project could be explained sooo much more completely for those who really need thorough instructions.

    • Hi Betsy
      I am sorry for your trouble. Can I have a look at it and reply. I made it long back and does not seem to remember anything at present.

  13. My shorts turned out really well. A lovely pattern and by following step by step, it did all make sense. I’m so pleased to have made my first psor of boxer shorts. Thankyou

  14. This pattern looks great and I would love to try it . Can you please tell me the full width measurements A-B/H-F on front and A-B/G-J on back for boxers shorts I only require medium thank you

  15. Thanks for this insight, I’m a beginner in the world of fashion especially the sewing techniques, with this tutorial I have hope to continue.

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