30 + {FREE} Underwear tutorials and patterns

If you decide to sew your own underwear, two things will happen for sure -

1. You will never be short of  fresh underwear and  

2. You will never lack for the cloth to sew them with - all of those t-shirts destined for the junkyard can be used in your sewing.

These things aside, the patterns and tutorials listed below makes sewing them so easy I do not think you will ever have to shop for ready made underwear ever again.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous skip the knit fabrics or old t shirts and sew them in satin.

Some points to remember when sewing with knit fabric  are

  1. Wash the fabric before sewing if it is new, as knit may shrink after the first wash
  2. Use a ballpoint needle only
  3. Do not stretch as you sew( you may have a tendency to do that because of the nature of the cloth), as this will make your garment skewed
  4. Use a very small seam allowance (1/4 inch and lesser) as more will cause bulking up
  5. Use a narrow and  short zigzag when sewing the seams, for it to be strong.

Do check out this detailed article on how to sew with knit on your regular sewing machine. You can also check out the post on the different types of knit fabric available for you to make all these.

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Panty tutorial

A very detailed tutorial which tells us how to reverse engineer an old underwear to make the new pattern - this one is my favourite. You will surely want to start making them fast.


Lace Bandeau Knickers tutorial

The author says it took her just 10 minutes to sew it up , but I cannot believe it - it is so very beautiful it cannot be so easy to sew.

Tutorial : Sewing panties

This tutorial gives us all we have to know about sewing the elastic - ordinary elastic, picot edged, and fold over elastic. Very much needed info  if you want to sew the underwear.

Free Undies pattern 

Free downloadable  patterns and clear instructions to sew them with - what more do you want to start sewing. 

Sewing underwear

This very generous blogger has written very clear instructions on how to make underwear with downloadable patterns to make it in your size.

Sewing underwear : adding lace inserts 

Underwear from old Tshirt

The downloadable patterns are for 4-5  year old girls ; The underwear are made from old tshirts lying around your house.  

Easy panty tutorial

You can make the pattern for your underwear yourself - Very inventive method of making the pattern 

Lace edges for panties

A great detailed tutorial about using stretch lace on the edges instead of elastic

Sewing underwear - 2T/3T size

Downloadable pattern for a small girl's underwear. Make this with the old clothes you have in your stash.

A copy your undies tutorial

These definitely  do not look like old Tshirts but they are ;with a nice little label they sure do look like from a brand.

Panties -Free downloadable pattern 

Clear instructions to make your own underwear pattern to suit your size from an old underwear

Rosy Ladyshorts Pattern 

This is a very very good pattern with complete pattern download and detailed instructions 

Simple boxer tutorial 

This is a simple and easy to sew boxer pattern which can be adapted for girls.


As the name suggests these are Panties made from Handkerchiefs ; so many possibilities.


Child Boxer

This one is a downloadable pattern  for a 5-6 year old's boxers

Free Hipster Pattern 

Beautiful downloadable pattern to sew hipsters . A must 'save' in your pattern folder - this one is free, cannot believe it. 

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Make a simple men's BOXER SHORTS with a concealed button placket ; How to sew shorts

mens boxer shorts pattern

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washing delicate fabrics