How to make String Panties

Learn to sew easy panties with elastic string waistband, which will not show panty lines outside tight fitting clothes.

sewing string panties -tutorial

Do you want a panties that would show absolutely no panty line outside even under the most tightfitting satin dress? Here is a tutorial for such a string panties that consist of a small covering in the front and strips of elastic or fabric that holds it all together.

It exposes the back of the body completely and covers the front. As said, it is meant to be worn with tight-fitting clothes so that panty lines are not visible.

The front covering of the string panties is held together by strings that go to the back between the buttocks and attach to the waist string.

The String panties can be made of stretchy fabrics like Nylon lace, Lycra, and even cotton knit cut out from old t-shirts.

To make these panties, you also need fold-over elastic – this wide elastic with a fold line in between. This is usually used to bind the edges of fabrics.


Cut out the pattern

Mark the pattern on folded fabric. You need two pieces with the same pattern.

Fold over elastic

You need to cut two pieces of fold over elastic – one to go over the waist. I have cut it 26 inches. Increase as per your waist. Cut another 18.5 inch pieces of fold over elastic.

Cut 2 Front pieces

the two front pieces

You need one outer piece and a lining piece

Sew fold over elastic

Fold the fold over elastic by the middle and sew the edges together with a zig zag stitch.

Sew the elastic into a tube

sew the 26 inch elastic into a tube

Sew the elastic edges together into a tube. Use tight zig zag stitches to sew the edges.

The elastic kept on the front piece

Keep the 18.5 inch elastic on the front piece as in the picture.

Keep the other piece on top

Place the other piece right side down on the layers.

Turn the front right side out

Clip the seam allowance every 1/2 inch so that the turning is smooth.

The elastic waistband

keep the elastic over the front

The elastic tube has to be folded and sewn over the front piece top edge.

Join the other side of elastic

Take the other edge of the 18.5 inch elastic sewn to the front to the back of the ealstic waistband.

The elastic has to be sandwiched

The end of the elastic has to be sandwiched between the folds of the fold-over-elastic (FOE)

The elastic sewn to the back

Everything sewn securely. Sew the edges more than once to ensure that the it doesnot come off when you do not want it to.
Note : For all kinds of sewing on stretchy fabrics with a normal sewing machine, you should use a zig zag stitch so that the seams would not break. This includes sewing elastic too. Learn tricks to sew knit fabrics here.

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