Sew Triangle String Bikini-Top

Sewing tutorial and instructions on how to create a triangle string bikini top adjustable strings.

A traingle string bikini-top is what it says it is, a triangle shaped bikini-top held together by a couple of strings – 3 to be particular. Here is an easy tutorial to make a string bikini in a free size.

Sewing tutorial for String bikini-top

sewing tutorial for a string bikini top

Step 1. Mark the pattern

pattern for sewing a string bikini top

Take two fabric pieces of length 8.5 inches and width 12 inches. Fold them by the middle; Mark the above pattern on each of them

Step 2. Cut out two pieces in the pattern

Step 3. Modify the shape

Keep the two triangle shaped fabric pieces together, right sides together. Shape one of the sides to the inside a little and the bottom edge to have a slight curve rather than the angle it has.

Step 4. Cut out strap fabric pieces

Cut out 3 fabric strips - one 48 inches and 2 24 inches long

Cut out 3 fabric strips which are 1.5 inches wide – one should be 48 inches long and the other two 24 inches long.

Step 5. Fold the fabric piece

Fold the fabric strip by the middle. Sew down the middle of the folded fabric. Do not cut off the extra allowance – it should fill the inside of tube.

Step 6. Turn the strip rightside out

You can use any of your tube turning ninja techniques for this – my favourite is using a blunt needle and thread. Just attach the thread along on side and then insert the eye side through the tube to the other side. Just push the needle out and the tube also will follow out. You may have to slowly ease the beginning but afterwards it is one smooth outside flow.

Step 7. Finish the 3 strings

fabric tube for the strings

Finish the 3 strings you need for sewing the bikini top – make sure you have one 48 inch string and 2, 24 inch strings.

Step 8. Finish the side edge

Turn the side edge twice (1/8 inches twice) and stitch in place.

Step 9. Keep the string on top

Keep the 24 inch string along the top edge. Fold the side edge over the string.

Step 10. Sew the other side over the string

Fold the other side twice (1/8 inch each time) – this will come over the string you have place on top. When you sew the edge, automatically the string is also sandwiched in between and sewn in place.

Step 11. Make a gathering stitch along the bottom edge

gathering stitch

Use a 4 or 5 stitch length and sew along the bottom edge.

Step 12. Gather a little


Gather only a little (please ignore my picture) – just enough to that when you turn the bottom edge to the inside it will do so smoothly.

Step 13. Turn the bottom edge to the inside

turn the bottom edge to the inside

Make a casing along the bottom edge by turning the edge to the inside and stitching in place. Finish both the triangles this way.

Step 14. Thread the long thread through the casing

Using a pin thread the 48 inch long string through the bottom casing of your traingle pieces.

Step 15. Thread fully and arrange the string

Finish the ends of your strings with small hand sewn stitches.

You can tie the neck ties in a halter style behind the neck and the back ties on the back (where else!)

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