What is Lingerie? 5 criteria for selecting the best Lingerie

Lingerie (pronounced lanzhuh-ree) is a French word that encompasses what we wear inside our clothes including, underwear, legwear and slimwear, as well as sleepwear – of the glamorous variety. The kind that transforms you into a special, sexy, sensual diva from the inside, as well as outside.

The term ‘Lingerie’ encompasses all of the undergarments and sleepwear with an alluring and attractive label. Nothing plain or staid about any of the underwear or sleepwear that you call by the name lingerie. They make you feel good, to say the least.

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5 tips to select the best Lingerie you can find

Fit is the prime criterion

You will find a lot of sexy lingerie in the market; they may look tempting. But never buy anything that does not fit. A well fitted bra and a good comfortable panty are the first things you should find if you are in for a lingerie makeover and then buy more of them in the same brand. 

No one wants to display miss-shapened flesh but most of us have some of that. If you have love-handles or a flabby tummy you may want to buy a waist-cinching panty that will hold the belly in place and smoothens the love handles. When wearing a tight-fitting dress you want undergarments that will not show obvious lines and curves – I mean those dreaded visible panty lines and bulges of flesh poking out of ill fitting bras. 

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Buy lingerie with purpose in mind

This goes without saying. It is like this – For exercising you need a different undergarment from what you would wear for sleeping or under a backless gown. Smooth and seamless foam cups are necessary under flimsy Tshirts and tops and Strapless bras or bustiers are needed under illusion necklines and strapless dresses.

When shopping for sleepwear, decide on whether you want to feel desirable or you just want to sleep undisturbed. Lingerie need not be just revealing to make you look sensual. In between sexy baby doll nightgowns and staid and proper full coverage nighties, there are beautiful wraps, robes and kimonos and the cami and boy shorts.

Choose quality over quantity

When you cannot afford a lot of lingerie, buy what you can within your budget, but of good quality because they will last. If you buy cheap, before long you will have to deal with frayed elastic, cut underwire poking out, hooks coming out, worn gussets (panty), misshapen bra cups, torn and hanging lace trims. 

Opt for comfort and support over price or style

This is related to fit again. A fashionable in-trend lingerie may not be the best fit for you for obvious reasons. All the lingerie that you buy should be comfortable to wear and support you in all the right places. If it costs you a little bit more, rest assured that you will not regret it in long term. 

A balconette-style bra is a must-buy for those who need support. You can also choose underwire for extra support and pushup. Black nylon stockings can make your legs look super slick and slim.

If you have skin allergies, choose natural fabrics like cotton and silk.  Lace may look super sexy, but it is not for those with ample curves. Lace on its own is not supporting enough – though it looks beautiful on the mannequin.

Choose colors that suit you

A color that suits the model on the website may look horrible on you – I am always tempted to buy this way, so I am assuming that you are too.

Know your colors and then buy the best colors. Just like it does with outer clothes, some colors can make you look washed out. But this depends on what kind of lingerie you are shopping for.

White, ivory, and nude are the most preferred colors for undergarments. Nude color undergarments go well under most outer clothes. Red is a color that attracts the eye and most people look good in red. This is the reason why red lingerie is an all time favorite buy.

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Love yourself and buy the best Lingerie

I do not have to tell you why you need to love yourself. In all the strife and tension that surrounds the world today, one way to pep yourself and rise above all this is to feel love for what you are and recognize the need to indulge yourself, a little at least every day.

Reading a favorite book, losing yourself to meditation for a few minutes, dancing to a favorite tune, and wearing a piece of beautiful lingerie are things I can suggest.  

You feel good about yourself when what you wear inside is as good or even better than what you wear outside. Lingerie is long established as the ammunition a girl uses to feel confident. If you love yourself, you will buy the best lingerie that you can afford.

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