Easy DIY lingerie wash bag {To wash bras safely in the washing machine}

lingerie / delicates wash bag

If you have fine lingerie / undergarments you need to read this. You need clean underwear in your wardrobe at all times ofcourse and if you are the kind who find hand washing clothes a pain, washing them in the washing machine is the only option.

You definitely do not want your delicate bras tangled and snagged with other clothes in the washing machine. The colour faded, elasticity nil – those are lingerie nightmares.

The only way to clean and intact lingerie is to put them into this Fine thin lightweight water penetrable machine washable delicates wash bag and put it in the machine with other clothes. No more tangles, no more snagging – just clean & safe underwear

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washing bras lingerie

This sewing tutorial is for making a fine little bag that closes completely with a zipper and easily keeps my undergarments throughout the wash. 

This bag will protect your bras and other delicate undergarments from the rough ride in the washing machine and dryer. It does a good job of keeping the lingerie from the tumbling in the machine as well as prevent them from getting tangled up with the rest of the clothes in the wash. This is a 15 minute project but if you choose to embroider something on the bag, the time varies.

Tips for washing the undergarments/ bras in the washing machine

Before going into the sewing instruction let me share some tips on washing the undergarments in the washing machine gained simply from washing them a lot

  • If you have frilly underwear or ones with lace they are better handwashed. Checkout this post on handwashing clothes for more details. Even in the bag they may get damaged and lose their sheen.  If you decide to wash in the machine put in the bag on a delicate cycle and never ever spin them in the machine. Do not wring them, just hang to dry after squeezing the excess water.
  • Always hook up the bras before putting it in the bag to wash. They loose ends can still tangle with other bras and frustrate you
  • Do not over stuff the bag if you want clean underwear. Overstuffing will make sure that the washing is not done properly. 
  • Some people are prone to skin allergies and rashes and the doctors usually advise for a PH balanced detergent for them. If you are like that ensure that the detergent you use is a mild one. 
  • Do not toss the laundry wash bag with your lingerie with heavy clothes. Put them with similar clothes and if possible on a delicate cycle
  • The elastic in most undergarments can be destroyed with heat so be careful about using hot water in the wash
  • Drying in the machine can damage undergarments. So decide to skip the dryer and hang them to dry unless you have run out of clean underwear and you have a meeting in 30 minutes
  • Do not leave them in the washing machine and forget about it. Hang them to dry. Mildew can grow in wet clothes.
  • A soft press with a warm iron will keep them neat and tidy in the wardrobe 

Materials needed to make the delicates / lingerie laundry wash bag

About 1/4 yard of thin muslin cotton cloth ; I am using a voile scrap piece I have after making some handkerchiefs.( Checkout the DIY for embroidered handkerchiefs )  You can use mesh as well ; infact many prefer mesh bags because of the open net like holes in them. But believe me when I say very thin cotton becomes like net after a few wash. 

Long zipper The zipper should be 1″ longer than the short side of your laundry bag
zipper foot ; This is optional. You can sew close to the zipper with the regular foot as well. 

zipper foot

Step 1
Cut out the fabric piece . I made one which is 10″ wide x 15″ long So I need to cut a fabric piece which is 11 ” wide and 31 inch long. This is very customisable. If you are a single person in the house and you do wash every other day make a small one but if you are a 4 member family with once a week laundry you DO need a big bag. 

how to wash bras in machine

Step 2
Open up the zipper and place the zipper face down on edge of the right side of the fabric’s short side – aligning  the no-teeth side against the raw edge of the fabric. Pin in place
Attach the zipper foot on the machine. Stitch close to the zipper feet. Let the zipper extend half an inch off the edge for safety. You can always cut it off later. 

how to make laundry wash bag

Pin in place 

laundry wash mesh bag

Stitch with zipper foot close to the zipper tooth

delicates wash laundry bag

Step 3

Align the unstitched short side to the unstitched zipper edge right sides together. Pin in place. Sew the edges together. 


Step 4

Top stitch the zipper in place from the right side of the fabric( Catch the seam allowance along with the zipper edge in the stitching).

sew a laundry wash bag for bras

Step 5

Turn the bag wrong side out. Bring the zipper 1-2 inch down from the top edge .

how to wash bras in washing machine

Align the long edges. Pin in place. Start stitching on the long side with the zipper end. Stitch the side seam two times. This double stitching is needed to withstand the tumbling in the washing machine

delicates wash bag

Before stitching the other side open the zipper a little say 2 inch ( for turning the bag right side out). Keep the zipper opening close together with the help of pins.Pin the side seams together. Stitch  the  side seam with double stitches.

how to make a lingerie wash bag

Cut off the extra zipper projecting outside the seam with a 1/4 seam. You may want to finish the fabric edges with a zig zag stitch so that the edges do not unravel in the wash

wash bag diy

How to wash underwear? Question solved. Just toss the bag with your precious lingerie into the machine and wait for the clean ones

how to sew a bag for washing delicates

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