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Capsule Wardrobe List – 18 clothes every girl should have

 What is a Capsule Wardrobe ?capsule wardrobe essentials

Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of ever-green clothes which you should have in your wardrobe. These items can be paired with other in-fashion clothes and accessories to create a versatile wardrobe. Less is more is the underlying philosophy of a capsule wardrobe. 

A girl can never have enough clothes. I have absolutely zilch space in my wardrobe. But I never stop craving for more clothes. I bet it is the same thing with you too. Is it a gene thing? Whatever it is, girls will be girls, whatever the age, culture or place. No excuses. 

Whatever you have in your wardrobe, there are some staples you definitely should have – get them in  your closet and you will never be saying ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ ; because your choices get multiplied by the possibilities of mixing and matching these essentials. 

You can populate your closet with things you will love whatever the occasion with these classic pieces, which are chosen after taking into consideration some factors like

It is a good idea to plan your capsule wardrobe around two or three neutral colours like Grey, offwhite, black, brown, caramel charcoal or navy and one or two accent shades which  essentially depends on what suits your complexion. For example a dusty pink is really my colour and along with grey it looks good on me. Choose accent shades that flatter your complexion. You can also add an additional colour ( a pop of vivid colour maybe) which work well with your neutral colour choice as well as the accent shade.

Capsule wardrobe essentials

White T Shirt

basics to buy

The white T shirt is no doubt a capsule closet essential. Any day of the year you can don a tshirt and look comfortable.

Do not limit yourself to white – buy at least 3 basic colours like white black and grey or one in your favourite colour. T shirts can be worn in so many ways . They can be paired with pants, jeans, skirts layered under jackets, cardigans or even formal shirts if they are fitted. Under a jumpsuit they can change your looks. Shorts also pair very well with tshirts.

Perhaps you would like to embellish your white tshirt with some embroidery flowers or embroider letters or favourite wordings.


what clothes to buy

Jacket is the most versatile of all garments – they can be worn buttoned up, open , paired with your favourite tshirts, blouses , they even look good with Maxi dresses and cocktail dresses. They add an edge to the rest of your cloths

Blazer jackets, leather jackets, Denim jackets – your choices are many. Select a well fitted one for the maximum impact. 

A Pair of Dark denim

wardrobe essentials

Effortless chic is what you get when you wear a pair of dark denim jeans.

It is a style essential outfit every girl should have in her wardrobe.

With a white buttoned down shirt and a blazer you have a perfect work gear ; With a pretty blouse you have a girly outfit for an outing; With a tshirt and a cardigan you can lounge comfortably; With a lace tunic you are ready for a night out; With a jacket and pumps you look ultra chic.

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 Tunic or Kurta

tunic kurta wardrobe essential

Tunics are great for women of all body shapes. 

They can be worn either loose or well fitted depending on your body shape. If you want to emphasize your waist get yourself a well fitted tunic or wear a belt. Empire waist tunics look good on girls with a heavy waist.Wear your fitted tunic with baggy pants and loose tunics with slender bottoms.

Get a Kaftan tunic top and pair it with leggings for a comfortable look.

Checkout the easy tunic top tutorial or the Kurta pattern & tutorial for stitching up your own versatile pieces to your capsule wardrobe. 

Patterned scarf

wardrobe essentials

A pretty scarf can transform any boring outfit.

Just one thing to keep in mind – do not go overboard with patterns ; A patterned scarf could overwhelm patterns in your outfit. A solid coloured top could be enhanced with a pretty patterned scarf.Checkout the post on the different sizes of scarves and the one with 20 free patterns to sew an Infinity scarf or perhaps you would like to make a bandana to use as a scarf



Cardigans can be a great layering tool in addition to the comfort and warmth they provide. Wear them with a fitted bottom, other wise it can sometimes overwhelm the whole look, especially if the cardigan is oversized. Checkout these patterns to make a draped jacket or a lace vest if you would like to make similar ones.

A classic skirt

basic pieces for wardrobe essentials

A well fitted skirt is another versatile element in your wardrobe. Team a well fitted skirt with a pretty blouse. If you are slim you can choose a pencil skirt as your silhouette.

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basics for a wardrobe

Nothing can beat the cool look pyjamas and a simple tshirt gives you for lounging at home.

Make an easy Pyjama pants with side slash pockets by following this tutorial  or simple lounge pants with drawstring waist or DIY wrap pants ( fisherman’s pants)

Comfortable undergarments

under wear essentials for a wardrobe

There is magic in well fitted undergarments , just as poor fitting underwear can mar your perfect outfit.

If they are the perfect fit for you, they can instantly slim you down and make your clothes look so much more fitted.

One tip to note is to check out if your underwear leave marks after you take them off – if the answer is yes they are not right for you.Checkout the post with many wonderful patterns to make your own underwear ; Bra fitting guide – answers question to find the best bra for you.

Khakhi Pants

fashion necessities

This classic pants has come to represent business casual look . The earthy hue of this pants looks great with  all colours and hence a favourite as an all time wear. A well fitted khakhi pants is a must have in any wardrobe.

Black blouse 

wardrobe basics

Most girls will have at least one black top in their wardrobes ; Black colour has the ability to make the wearer look slim hence this is a popular choice when looking for a thin silhouette.

You can accessorize your black top with appropriate accessories to add some colour to your outfit. Make a black blouse in the dolman style and you will never go wrong or an offshoulder top or a cold shouldered top in black

Comfortable pair of leggings

basics clothes to buy

A pair of leggings is a wardrobe must have. They are comfortable as well as classy.They make running errands look stylish. They also make you want to live in them.

Just make sure they are not see through – that is weird.And remember they are not pants.

Learn to make a comfortable pair of leggings with this DIY pattern to make leggings .

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Exercise gear

necessary things in your wardrobe

The right work out clothes is necessary for proper comfort when exercising. A good well fitting sports bra and well fitting clothes are needed in your kitty

Do not choose baggy clothes or 100% cotton clothes. Baggy clothes can cause accidents in the gym and 100% cotton fabric will become wet and clampy after absorbing your sweat.

Make sure that the lightweight synthetic fabric of your exercise gear will absorb moisture. Your sweat if not absorbed by your workout clothes can make you feel really uncomfortable.

Swim suit

15 wardrobe essentials

Cocktail dress

wardrobe necessary clothes to have plain sari with choli - a fashion necessity

You do not need an excuse for social gatherings and to look glamorous .When you go out, you need the necessary arsenal in your kitty – the perfect cocktail dress.  Buying a well fitted cocktail dress for these functions is an absolute necessity.

Cocktail dresses enhances your beauty and flatters you in every way possible. They are meant to make you the star of the show. Get one which will transform you into a diva.

The classic Little black dress is a favorite of many, when it comes to functions as it can be accessorized in many ways. 

Black is a safe colour for many but you do not have to limit yourself to black . Find the colour that suits you best. Also make sure that the neckline and length of the dress suits your bodyshape and accentuates your features.

An embroidered or sequined choli blouse and a plain chiffon sari also look wonderful – you can go bold with the cut of the blouse with strapless ones to a choli with spaghetti straps or a backless or low back choli.

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Classic Black pants

black pants

This is a classic for obvious reasons – These are pants one can live in and not look boring ; they can be paired with a myriad of tops and no one will be the wiser that you are wearing the same bottom.

As black colour goes with everything else, they can be paired with all the colours in your wardrobe.

Go bold with black pants for a striking look – bright coloured tops look the best with black pants.

Black pants and a white shirt can make you look picture perfect with the right accessories.

When you buy or sew black pants remember to select different textured fabrics for an interesting look rather than the plain black.

It is very difficult to get a pair of pants that fit your perfectly. If you have not found one in a store, do not worry. You can alter it to make it your size or sew it yourself for a perfect fit.

Comfortable pair of socks

basic clothes to buy


Baggy Pants

wardrobe essentials

Baggy pants like Harem pants or Palazzo pants or any of the Salwar pants are super comfortable and very trendy so an obvious addition in our wardrobe essentials list. The loose fit of these trousers makes it the ideal wear for summer.

Cropped jacket and a tank top or fitted tshirt is the obvious pairing for these baggy silhouettes. A cardigan also works with these pants so does fitted tunics and pretty blouses.

Checkout tutorials to make harem pants and salwar pants and palazzo pants and wrap pants 

There are other things you could add to this list depending on your lifestyle. For example if you are living in a rainy place you will probably need a good looking and effective raincoat added to this list. If you have a corporate job you will need a trouser suit among the essentials.I have not touched on Jewelry Shoes or Bags 

Whatever you choose to build up your own capsule wardrobe with Plan in advance to get the benefit of sales. Getting fabric to sew and clothes to wear in sales should not mean that you are only seeing the big discount. Aim for getting good value from your purchases. Dressing well without spending a fortune requires planning and choosing your clothes wisely. Classic pieces will last a long time (unless you change size) as do quality fabrics. 

You do not need a wardrobe full of clothes which you never feel like wearing ‘today’ ; and that day when you would wear those ‘trendy’ clothes may never come. Purge them from your wardrobe and choose the above pieces in the best colours ( not the current fashion but what suits you ) and best fit and you will always have something to wear. Get yourself that Capsule wardrobe which makes you fell good and look good. 

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