Types of Jackets (for men & women)

Identify different kinds of jackets from this list

Jacket, the very popular outer garment which is longer than a vest and shorter than a coat, has manifested in so many ways in fashion, down the years since man discovered clothes. But today a number of them are more popular than the others. I have tried to explain these popular jackets that you may wish to add to your wardrobe.

Most popular Jackets 


This is a hip-length pullover waterproof jacket with a hood – meant for very cold climates. It does not feature a front opening.

names of different jackets

Baseball jackets

This casual wear jacket features a striped and ribbed collar, cuffs and hem and fastens with a press stud closure in the front. Award jacket is a variation.

what is the name of this jacket

Bed jackets

This is the name for jackets made of soft cloth meant for wearing to sleep

list of different kinds of jackets


Blazer Jacket

This is a lightweight sports-wear single-breasted jacket with a notched collar and long sleeves – usually worn as a uniform or as casual wear.

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Bolero Jacket

This is a short and loose waist-length jacket that is open at the front. Read about bolero here. 

Bomber Jacket

This is a blouson style loose jacket with elasticized waist and cuffs and a zippered front. This jacket is also called Battle/Eisenhower jacket – originally a leather jacket with fur lining worn by American Airforce pilots.

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Cardigan Jacket

A collarless jacket which opens fully in the front, made of sweater/ knit material.

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Chanel Jacket

This is a jacket designed by coco Chanel, the famous French designer. It is a short collarless front open button closure jacket made of open weave wool fabric with braid trims on the edges.

Cropped jacket

This is a short jacket with a hem above the waist. A spencer jacket is a cropped jacket.

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Double-breasted style jacket/ Single breasted jackets

A double-breasted jacket has overlapping front flaps and two parallel rows of buttons on either side of the opening.  A single breasted jacket lapels also ovelaps as it closes, but it will be a narrow overlap and instead of 2 parallel rows of buttons there will only be a single row of buttons (that of the front opening button stand)

double breasted jacket

Dinner jacket

Men’s formal jacket

Duster jacket

This is a long jacket (with the intention of keeping the dust off your clothes) – it has a front opening and may or may not have button closures.

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A combination of jacket and a cardigan

Kimono Jacket

A loose jacket made of a flowy fabric with wide kimono sleeves.

jackets and their names

Motorcycle jacket

This is a leather jacket usually worn by bikers. Racing jackets are similar but made of thicker leather.

Notch collar jacket

This is your normal tailored jacket with a lapel on either side attached to a collar.

Rain Jacket

This jacket is made of a completely waterproof material meant to keep you dry and comfortable in inclement weather. Taped seams, high neck, elasticized hem and cuffs are added for extra covering

Running jacket

Windproof, waterproof, lightweight  jackets made of synthetic material, meant for sports activities

Safari jacket

This is a sports jacket with 4 bellows pockets at the chest and hip. The usual colors of a safari jacket are beige, brown, tan, and khaki.

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Shirt Jacket/ Shacket 

A combination of shirt and jacket

Shawl collar jacket

This jacket has a characteristic shawl collar.

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Soft Jackets

This refers to jackets made of knit material.


A shrug is a short (waist-length or shorter) jacket for women.


A swacket is a combination of a sweater and a jacket – it is a must-wear for a colder climate. It is made of sweater knit material and is super comfortable to wear.

Suit jacket

It is the jacket part of a suit. Also called lounge jacket

Trucker Jacket

A cropped denim/corduroy casual jacket with metal buttons at the sleeves, pockets, and along the front.

names of jackets

Tuxedo jacket

A formal men’s jacket with a peaked collar or shawl collar.


A long fitted and v-necked sleeveless jacket.

types of jackets

Waterfall collar jackets 

The front portion of the jacket falls like a cascade, hence this type of jacket is also called cascade collar jacket.

types of jackets

Windbreaker/ Windcheater jacket

This is a hooded jacket made of a lightweight synthetic wind-resistant material- meant to protect you from wind and other elements.

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  1. Jackets have always been my favorite garment and so many to pick from. Now that I am retired I need far fewer but somehow my inventory increases. Even though it isn’t a ‘jacket’- my next project is trench coats for my grown daughter and me. We do live in the north. Oh, and just finished making a a jacket with a contrast zipper and bias binding on hood, pockets and hems. Hurry for JACKETS

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