20 Different Types of T-Shirts

A list of Different kinds of T-shirts - all the names that are used to refer to the simple and humble t-shirts

This post lists the different varieties in styles that the humble t-shirts are available. 

Do you know that once upon a time, T-shirt (aka the ‘Tee’) was just an undergarment?

During the 1st World War, the European Soldiers and later the American Soldiers wore t-shirts as comfortable lightweight undergarments under their uniforms.

Then the Hollywood movies brought the humble t-shirt out and made it famous as trendy outerwear. Think Marlon Brando in his iconic white Tshirt in the movie “A Streetcar Named Desire” – so attractive in a simple T-shirt
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Famous fashion designer Christain Dior even recruited t-shirts to haute couture stardom. In 1962, he made a t-shirt in velvet and brought it to the limelight as a trendy piece of clothing.

Now T-shirt occupies a pride of place in most anybody’s wardrobe. Every year, billions of t-shirts are sold in shops all over te world.

And you are spoilt for choices as to which to buy, which to wear. The simple T-shirt is simple no more. It comes in many variations and many styles. Wear it as a Standalone outfit or under your jacket or jumper – it is an integral part of your wardrobe.

Different types of T-shirts

1. Basic half sleeve T-shirt

types of tshirts

The most simple style in Tshirt, this one has a close-to-the-neck crew neckline. This is also the most popular type of T-shirt and is favored by both men and women. The crew neckline which sits along the base of the neck suits most people.

2. Long sleeve Crew neck T-shirts

different types of tshirts

Same as the earlier t-shirt but with longer arms.

3. Polo collar t-shirt

kinds of tees

This T-shirt has a simple Polo collar.

4. V-neck t-shirt

types of t-shirts

This type of V-necked t-shirts is also called a Football Jersey. 

5. Wide neck –Off shoulder t-shirts (Girls’)

The wide neckline of this t-shirt makes it look like an off-shoulder top. 

6. Yoke neck t-shirts (Girls’)

T-shirts with a separate yoke. Usually, there will be embroidery on the yoke portion. 

7. Boyfriend t-shirts (Girls’)

Very loose t-shirts as opposed to body fitting t-shirts worn by women. 

8. Douche bag neck t-shirt (Scoop neck)

different types of tee-shirts

Men’s T-shirt which has a deep scoop neckline showing more of the body than a basic t-shirt would. It could be accompanied by metal chains and shaved chest to complete the attitude. 

9. Henley collar T-shirt

kinds of tees

This Tshirt has a Placket below a round neckline without a collar. 

10. Baseball Tshirt

t-shirt types

This is a Raglan sleeve (Half sleeve) T-shirt that looks similar to the uniforms worn by the Baseball player

11. Raglan sleeve t-shirt – Long sleeve

tshirt types

This T-shirt has a 3/4 or full-length Raglan sleeve.

12. Turtle neck shirt

t-shirt kinds

This T-shirt features a raised Turtleneck.

13. Ringer T – shirt

types of T-shirts

This is a crew necked T-shirt with contrast bands on the neckline and sleeve hems.

14. Cap sleeve t-shirt

many types of tshirts

A t-shirt with a cap sleeve.

15. Half Tshirt (Singlet)

categories of t-shirts

This is a sleeveless Tshirt with narrow straps – usually used by runners. As opposed to the muscle t-shirt mentioned below, this is a loose fitting comfortable sleeveless t-shirt.

16. Muscle Shirt

tee-shirt types

A sleeveless white T-shirt, which is tight fitting, so that your muscles can be shown off.

17. Half Muscle Shirt

Short length Muscle shirts with the hem ending above the belly button (to show off muscles on the stomach).

18. Longline T-shirt

The style of t-shirts with long length, even reaching up to the knees. Longline length, if done right can result in a look of slimmer elongated torso.

19. Pocket T-shirt

different kinds of t-shirt

A T-shirt with a small pocket – functional or decorative.

20. Baby Doll T-shirt

This is a short and tight fitting t-shirt (with short or long sleeves) – used to be popular in the 1990s. 

T-shirt Trivia – Wikipedia says that T-shirt gets its name from its shape resembling a T. Come to think of it, yes, it looks like a T.

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