9 Best ways to make INFINITY SCARF with 20 Free Patterns

Learn to make INFINITY SCARF from some of the best FREE tutorials from around the world. Includes many ways like adding trims and snap openings etc
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infinity scarf tutorials

The infinity scarf, also known as the circle, tube, or eternity, is one must-have item in your wardrobe. It is not difficult to make one, which is only one of the reasons why I have 6 of them.

They are a versatile wear that can be worn in many different ways. No slipping off your body, one end longer than the other; if made in an appropriate fabric, this double-sided scarf can give all the warmth and protection you need. 

Basically, an Infinity scarf is just a scarf that is just one big long loop, which makes it a breeze to make yourself. One / Two, or three seams with a pretty fabric in your stash, and you have a scarf that you can wear for many an occasion.

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EASY INFINITY SCARF – 4 steps 15 minutes

Spoiler – Choosing the fabric for this scarf is going to take more time than sewing it.

Dimensions – The best way to know what is the length of the fabric piece you need to sew the infinity scarf is to wrap an existing scarf around your neck in whichever way you plan to wear it – as a single loop or double loop, or around the head or the shoulders.

You can either make it as a tube or simply sew the short edges of  a fabric strip together to make the infinity scarf loop.

how to make an infinity scarf

To make the simple infinity scarf take a lightweight fabric piece of dimensions 30 inches wide and 62 inches long. Finish the long sides neatly. Sew the short edges together. I would use a french or a flat felled seam, as this stitching must be inconspicuous. That is it; you have your super simple ready-for-everywhere infinity scarf.

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To make the tube scarf: I have taken a silk cloth of 80 inches in length and a width of 15 inches. Now it will be folded half lengthwise and stitched into a loop to make it somewhere around 7 inches by 79 inches.
You do not need this length for a single loop and definitely not for something close to your neck. If you have just 3/4 meters ( .82 yards) you can make this scarf of the dimensions mentioned above – you will need to make one more seam joining the pieces. .

If you want it in one piece, 80 inches is about 2 meters (2.18 yards); 60 inches is 1.5 meters ( 1.66 yards); 70 inches is 1.77 meters ( 1.94 yards).

infinity scarf

Step 1.

Fold the fabric piece by half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew the long edges together, the whole length. 

sew the long edge of fabric used for the tube type infinity scarf pattern

Step 2

Press the seams open. You now have a long tube of fabric in your hands. 

Press the seams open

Step 3

To join this tube’s edges together to form a loop, keep the edges of the opening right sides together and pin. Stitch along the edge as much as you can. Some 2-3 inches short of closing the tube, you will be unable to stitch anymore. Backstitch and take off the machine.  

stitch the opening edges together

Step 4

Close the opening with tiny  hand stitches – Slip stitch

close the opening to form a infinity scarf

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Lace infinity scarf diy

Lace infinity scarf diy

I Love Lace. Period. As a scarf, lace may go limp on the body, and an infinity scarf with a lining is a great solution to this problem, as is done beautifully here. This pattern makes a single-loop Infinity scarf.

Machine embroidered lace Infinity scarf

Machine embroidered lace Infinity scarf

Machine embroidery adds an interesting element to this beautiful scarf, already made pretty with lace.


Sweater turned cowl

Sweater turned cowl

Old sweater beautifully upcycled to a cowl infinity pattern 

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Two toned infinity scarf

Two toned infinity scarf

This is a beautiful long infinity scarf made from two pashmina shawls. 


No-sew infinity scarf from t shirt


This is a beautiful, very easy-to-make scarf embellished with fabric paint polka dots.

No Knit No-sew Infinity scarf

No Knit No-sew Infinity scarf

Just some yarn, a leather piece, and some velcro strips transformed into this beautiful infinity scarf. Looking for yarn as pretty as this one. 


DIY Pom pom infinity scarf

DIY Pom pom infinity scarf

Pom pom trim added to the edges of the cowl-shaped infinity scarf frames the face beautifully. 

Fringed Infinity scarf

Fringed Infinity scarf


Double braided Infinity scarf



Lace – Jersey infinity scarf


Beautiful lace and jersey are pieced together to make this expensive looking scarf

Infinity Scarf from sweaters

Infinity Scarf from sweaters

Fabric pieces from old lightweight sweaters in bright and bold colors are used to make this stunning infinity scarf. Get the tutorial and make use of old sweaters to get warm stylishly.


Leather wrapped infinity scarf


This is a wonderful tutorial to make a unisex infinity scarf with a leather cuff. 

Infinity scarf with snaps

Infinity scarf with snaps

I really love this infinity scarf. Maybe it is the pattern of the fabric or the fasteners. The snap fasteners somehow add to the appeal of this good-looking scarf.

DIY Felt infinity scarf

DIY Felt infinity scarf

Tutorial to make a felt scarf with button opening. As felt does not fray, this a very easy-to-make scarf and beautiful to boot. 


Ruffle  flower infinity scarf

Ruffle  flower infinity scarf

Rose flowers and ruffles made with lettuce edges make this pretty scarf a must-make on my to-do list.

Pom Pom Infinity scarf

Pom Pom Infinity scarf

The giant pom-pom accent adds a quirkiness to the infinity scarf and prettiness, too, ofcourse.

Faux Fur scarf DIY

Faux Fur scarf DIY

A faux fur infinity scarf is definitely a great addition to a winter wardrobe.

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