Multi-purpose Neck warmer Scarf : Sewing tutorial

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This is a sewing tutorial to make a versatile neckwarmer scarf – which can be worn in many different ways. Actually, it is blasphemy to call it a sewing tutorial because it takes just one seam to make this one. But I am bound by my habits.

This versatile scarf can be worn as a neck warmer

neck warmer scarf

As a mask

neck warmer scarf

As a hair taming headband

neck warmer scarf

Or as you like it.

Why would you need a neck warmer scarf this summer?

It is of course nice to have a pretty fabric around your neck, framing your face. But other than that, it is very important to cover your vulnerable neck in cold weather. Your weakened immune system will thank you for this. Your body heat can escape through your unprotected neck and a scarf like this can prevent this. With a scarf snug around your neck, you will be protected from a lot of inconveniences like a cold, ear and throat infections leading to cough, fever, a stiff neck etc. At this time of the year I do not have to tell you the advantages of escaping an infection.

How to make this neck warmer scarf

Choose a fabric with some stretch to make this scarf- a knit fabric is the most preferred. If you prefer a normal woven fabric, cut the fabric along the diagonal to get that stretch. You need a good stretch to get it over the head but at the same time, it should lie snug along the neck.

neck scarf

Cut out fabric piece of this dimension – 20 inches wide and 17 1/2 inches long. Fold it by the half.

Join the 17 1/2 inches sides together to form the tube that your scarf is. If you have knit fabric you can leave the top and bottom edges of the scarf unfinished – it would not fray. Use a tight zig-zag stitch to join the edges.

You can use a long old knit barbie top for making this scarf.

neck warmer scarf

Cut out two, 10-11 inches wide and 15 -17 1/2 long pieces -depending on how much fabric you get from the top/t-shirt.

neck warmer scarf

Join the side seams.

Decide whether you want to finish the top and bottom edges. Your neck warmer scarf is ready.

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