Blanket Cloak :DIY Tutorial

Blankets made of winter fabrics like wool and fleece are supposed to keep you warm and comfortable in your bed but imagine being this warm even when walking around – that too, with minimal sewing. This is a DIY that converts your warm and cozy blanket into a cloak you can wear all through the winter.

blanket cloak

Cut out your blanket in the dimension given below. If your blanket is 42 inches wide take it as it is but if it is wider you can choose to use the dimension till 46″ or cut the extra off. But then you will have to finish the edges. The length should be 68 inches.

make a blanket cloak

Fold this blanket piece by half crosswise, so that the length is 34 inches.

blanket cloak diy sewing tutorial
Fold by length and fold crosswise

Now fold it by the length. You have a folded piece in the dimension 21 inches wide and 34 inches length.

You will have to make a mark in the left side of the front piece – 1/2 inches down the center.

blanket cloak DIY

You have to cut it out – when you cut ensure that you are cutting only the front piece.

This is how it will look when you open it up.

Make a mark for the sleeves – 12 inches from the top fold. 

sewing blanket cloak

Make a small tacking stitch at this mark. You can use a hand sewing needle and thread for this or use the sewing machine to make a 1 inch tacking stitch.

You can now finish the front slit and the hem with a roller hem. Use a hemmer foot for this. If your fabric has stretch the edges may look wavy with this method.

Another idea is to bind the edges. 

blanket cloak diy tutorial

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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