Scarf, Shawl, Stole and Wrap – Different Size dimensions

What are the typical sizes of scarf, stoles, shawls and wraps

What is in a name ? That which we call a scarf would look as nice by any other name – like stole, shawl and wrap. 

Yes, these are all names for the same thing – well, almost. A fashion connoisseur will skin me for this. There are subtle differences between these terms, of course. And I usually use the terms interchangingly, as do many others – charlatans, of course.

scarf sizes

So what are the difference between them – a scarf, stole, shawl and wrap?

These terms represent a fabric piece that is mostly longer than it is wide, usually wrapped around the neck and shoulders and at times over the head, basically the upper body. All of them are made with similar drapeable fabric, preferably lightweight. Scarves, unlike stoles and shawls and wraps come in other shapes than the typical rectangular dimensions – they can be square, rectangular or triangular.

A wrap is the biggest of them all. Then comes the shawl, then the stole, and then the scarf. But then this order is not strictly true because the blanket scarf, as we call it, is big enough, well, almost like a blanket. The skinny scarves are the skinniest of them all.

scarf length and width chart

Scarf Dimensions

Rectangular Scarf size

scarf dimensions

Typical scarf length and width of a rectangular scarf is 70 inch long and 40 inch wide

A skinny scarf which is not too thin can be 22 inch by 70 inch – just right for anything – to tie around a bag handle or use it as a neck tie or just wrap around the shoulders. This is my favourite. I suppose you would also call it a stole

If you want the real skinny scarf, you can have it as thin as 3.5 inches wide.

For Crocheted / knitted scarves that hang till the waist the size is approx. 64 inch long  by 6.5 inch wide or 52″ long x 8.5″ wide.

Thin Woven scarves

Rectangular shawls that wrap around neck once and then hang till waist / hip  are typically of size 70- 78 inches long and 27 inches wide.

Big blanket scarf measurement

This can be 94 inches × 45 inches wide.

Tartan Serape is popular in Scotland; It is made of tartan material (100% pure soft lightweight wool), and it is wrapped around the shoulders as a protection against the severe cold. It has these dimensions: 65 inches by 59 inches (165 cms by 150 cms).

Infinity scarves

Small Infinity scarf can be made  by knitting and they usually measure  58″ around by 7″ wide

A small infinity scarf can be made in woven cloth which measures 63 inches around and 12 inches wide ; You can make a bigger infinity scarf with the dimensions 70 inch long and 30 inch wide

Skinny infinity scarf can be made with a length of 76 inch / 78 inch and 7 inches wide. The width can also be as small as 3 inch or even 2 inch in which case it will be a tube construction. They are typically used like a necktie and also used as a Hair Accessory. You can tie it around a hand bag handle for a nice touch. A length of 40 inch will give you a short length skinny scarf.

Lace scarves can be made in the following dimension 

12 inch wide and 58 inch long ; 6 inch wide and 64 inch long

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how to make an infinity scarf

Triangular scarf measurement

A typical triangular scarf is 50 inch across with sides of 30 inches. You can decrease the length of the sides for shorter length to about 20 inches and increase the sides to 40 inch for longer length

Square scarves

Square scarfs start from 21″ square; They come in a variety of dimensions like 32 ” square ; 35 inch square; 39  inch; 48 inch ; 50 inch ; 35 inch is a nice dimension for a square scarf. The 21 inch square scarf can be termed more as a handkerchief. The name given is a neckerchief, because it is used to tie around the neck

The arab head scarf Shemagh (Keffiyeh) Scarf is a square of 43 inch. A bandana is  a square scarf measuring about 21 – 27 inches. Check out the post to make a bandana for more details.

scarf size measurements

Size measurements of stoles

A typical stole is 20 inch  wide and about 70 inch long

scarf measurement

Size measurements of shawls

scarf sizeA long Indian shawl which is also called dupatta measures 84 inches long by 30 inches wide
45 inch wide and 80 inch long is another dimension ; A very big shawl can measure upto 90 inch long and 35 inch wide

Cashmere/pashmina  shawls comes in a range of sizes in length from 72 inch to 80 inch. The width varies between 28 inch to 67 inch
80 Inches x 40 Inches is a typical dimension of pashmina shawls ; 28 inch wide by 72 inch is also another popular choice

Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl typically made in soft wool  in cream colour with black stripes ; they measure 60 inch wide and 80 inch long

Size measurements of wraps

scarf sizes

A typical evening wrap measures around 20 inch wide and 82 inch long 

Bridal wraps that are worn over wedding gowns enticingly wrapped over arms or covering shoulders measure around 73 inch long and 18 inch wide. They are made in soft chiffon.

Long shawl wraps made in silk with silk prints are usually available in the dimension 68 x 20 inches approximately 

Very long wrap can be made in 44 inch wide and 96 inch long dimensions 

Faux fur wraps  measures 80 inch long and 12 inch wide

Embellishment ideas for scarves

Pom pom trims, fringes, tassels, lace trims can be added to the edges of the scarves.

Fabric suitable for scarves

Scarves are generally made in lightweight drapeable fabrics. Usually used fabrics are 100% viscose / rayon, polyester with pretty prints, chiffon, silk, jersey knit, lace. Cashmere shawls are ofcourse the ultimate. Check out the different types of materials used for scarves here.

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infinity scarf patterns


What is the average size of a scarf?

If I have learned anything by writing this post, it is that there is no average size for any scarf. There are many variations in sizes of scarves -depends on what you want it to look like and the material. The ones you get in shops range from skinny ones in the dimension 36 inches by 3.5 inches to as big as 94 inches by 45 inches. A typical scarf measures 70 inches by 22 inches.

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