15 types of scarves I absolutely love around my neck

The Scarf, that piece of fabric worn around the neck, for fashion or comfort, comes in many packages.  All of them are equally gorgeous but some of them are more of a favorite than others. Here I have tried to distinguish my favorite types of scarves according to the fabric used, the prints and patterns on it and the trims attached to embellish it. 

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Different types of scarves

1 Cotton scarves

different types of scarves

Thin printed or plain cotton like voile is used to make pretty scarves. Because of the lightweight nature of these fabrics, they are great as a summer accessory. They stay in place and are great for tying in various styles. Check out the 12 different ways of tying a scarf 

2 Chiffon scarves

different scarf types

Chiffon fabric is lightweight, drapey, thin – all the better to tie around the neck without any bulk. You can add trims like lace at the short ends alone or all along the four sides

3 Net scarves 

different kinds of scarves

Net fabrics are ideal for making scarves. You will have to choose fine and smooth net fabric like tulle instead of scratchy synthetic nets. Trims like sequins, chains or laces can be added to the edges. Check out this post on the different types of net fabrics

4 Silk Scarves

different types of scarves

Silk is an expensive choice for scarves but they have a luxurious aura. Hand-painted silk scarves are much in demand and carry a premium

5 Cashmere scarves

This is the ultimate in luxury. It is difficult to get hold of original cashmere shawls. Learn more about taking care of cashmere fabric here

6 Velvet scarves

Velvet is a heavy thick fabric with pile so using the whole width of the fabric as a scarf is absolutely not a good idea. Thin tube scarves in velvet are ideal. 

7 Plaid scarf

different types of scarves

Plaid is a type of woolen fabric with a tartan chequered pattern. It is a great scarf to wear in winter.

8 Bandana scarf

scarf types

A bandana is a square piece of printed cotton with a nice border and interesting prints. It is quite small for full coverage as a scarf but many wear it around the neck in novel ways.

9 Chequered fabric scarf

different types of scarves

A chequered pattern is one of the most sought after patterns other than the tartan pattern for scarves worn by men. Know more about the different types of check patterns here.

10 Hand knitted woolen scarf

different types of scarves

Scarves are carefully hand knitted in many shapes and sizes before winter. Nothing like a woolen scarf to ward off cold.

11 Scarves with contrast borders

different kind of scarves

Whatever fabric you use you can decorate it with contrasting fabric stitched on the borders for a dramatic effect. Check out an easy way to give borders on your scarves here.

12 Crinkled crepe Scarves 

scarf types

Crinkled or crushed fabric has a depth which makes it good for scarves of solid colors. Add fringe trims for more texture.

13 Scarves with tassels 

scarf type

Tassels or pompoms are added along the scarf edge for a colourful and interesting look.

14 Animal Print Scarf

Animal prints are very very popular in scarf fashion. You can learn more about the different types of fabric patterns involving animal prints here

15 Fleece scarf 

Fleece is a fabric which is quite thick and as it does not fray it is quite easy to make a scarf out of this fabric. Check out more about the fleece fabric here

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