40 types of Coats for men and women

A coat is a hip-length or longer over-garment with sleeves made of thick material, usually worn as a protective layer over other clothes.

Balmacaan Coat

The balmacaan coat is a loose full-length overcoat usually made of tweed or gabardine fabric. It has raglan sleeves and a  convertible collar.

Beach coat

The type of hip-length coat made of terry cloth

Box coat

The box coat is a loose fitting heavy overcoat which hangs loose from fitted shoulders; it has a squared, box-like appearance. This coat was formerly used for driving.

British warm overcoat

The British warm-coat is an overcoat made of wool. It first appeared as a military overcoat for British army officers. It is a double-breasted coat made of wool cloth known as Melton. It has peak lapels and leather buttons. It is taupe-colored and knee-length.

Cape coat

The cape coat is any coat that has a cape effect. This is usually done for extra protection, decoration, or fashion.

Casentino coat

The Casentino coat is a unisex coat made with Casentino fabric. It is a casual coat better in bright colors that show off its texture.

Coachman’s coat

This coat has wide lapels, brass buttons, and a flared hemline. Can be single-breasted or double-breasted


The coatee is a tight-fitting short coat with a short skirt, flaps, or tails. It remains part of a formal highland dress when worn with a waistcoat.

Covert coat

The covert coat is a short informal top coat. It has notched lapels. It’s lightweight and usually unlined.


The Crispin is a mid-length coat that comes in A-line silhouette. It is a frock coat with a single cape.

Car coat (Pant coat)

car coat - types of coats

This is a short, shirt like coat that ends at mid-thigh, made of various materials like fur, wool, leather, and sheepskin. Car coat was originally intended to be worn by male and female automobile drivers and passengers. Today it is worn both as a functional and fashion item. Other names for this coat are suburban coat  and stadium coat.

Chesterfield coat

The Chesterfield coat is a fitted coat with a high stand collar,  wide lapels and vertical dart seams. The collar may be made of velvet. It is knee-length and can be single-breasted or double-breasted. It comes in various fabrics like tweed, charcoal, navy, and camel hair. You can wear it with a suit or semi-formal dress or a sports jacket. 

Cocoon coat

The cocoon coats are loose-fitting casual coats worn by women. They are simple looking with voluminous sleeves and come in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Cutaway coat (Morning tail coat)

The cutaway coat is an American usage for a morning tailcoat for men. It is a knee-length coat with the front side cutaway and rear side in tails. It is a formal coat worn at weddings, formal baptisms, races, formal luncheons, civic functions etc.

Duster coat

The duster is a loose-fitting long coat. The original dusters were full length made of linen or light-colored canvas. Dusters nowadays are considered as standard western wear. The motorcyclists use dusters made of leather.

Director’s coat

The Director’s suit is a semi-formal day attire or a formal morning dress or an informal lounge suit. It has the conventional length of a lounge jacket and appears single or double-breasted. It comes in black, midnight blue or grey; also known as a black lounge suit or a Stroller coat.

Duffle coat (Toggle coat)

This coat has fasteners – that is the most distinguishing feature of these coats. The coat is three-quarter in length and may have a hood attached to it.

Full dress Tails/ Tail coat

The Full dress tailcoat is a knee-length coat with the front side cutaway and rear side in tails. It is also called a swallowtail or claw hammer coat. A tailcoat with a squarely cut-away front is called a dress coat. The tailcoat with a gradually tapered front away cut is called a morning coat.

Houri coat

The houri coat looks like a kimono. It has a Turkish origin.

Judo coat

The judo coat is part of the uniform worn during judo practice or competition. It is also called uwagi. It’s a shorter version of kimono with long sleeves. It is made of thick cotton or cotton blend. There are two kinds of jackets. Single weave, which is thinner and weighs less and double weave, which is thicker and weigh more. Both have heavier stitching. Judo coats also have a cotton belt.

Jigger coat

The jigger coat is a short informal coat. It is semi-tailored and usually of box type.

Jump coat

The jump coat is worn by men. It is thigh length. It has a button-down front.


Kooletah is a fur coat worn by Eskimos. It is usually made of caribou skin. It is a buttonless coat pulled on overhead.


The Macfarlane is a cape coat. It is a shoulder cape attached to the neck. It is a sleeveless outer coat.


The netcha is a sealskin coat worn by Eskimos.

Mackintosh coat

The all-weather coat is a waterproof coat that goes with everything. It is also called trenches and raincoats. It usually has raglan sleeves and a belt. Both men and women wear an all-weather coat.

Parka coat

A winter coat with a fur ruff along the collar.

Pea coat (Reefer)

Initially worn by European and American navies sailors, the pea coat is a navy-colored outer coat. It is also known as a reefer. It has broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, three or four rows of large buttons made of wood, plastic, or metal, vertical or slashed pockets, and a short length. Today this coat is very popular among men, and sometimes, they add a hood to the pea coat.

Polo coat

The polo coat is a large straight cut overcoat made of brown colored wool fabric (usually camel wool /camel hair and wool blends). It has a high standing collar, patch pockets, and set-in sleeves; maybe single breasted or double breasted.

Princess coat

The princess coat is a coat with long fitted vertical panels without any waistline seams. It is made of long Princess seams that run vertically over the bust. Because of its nipped-in waist and wide full skirt, it gives one a good fitting shape. It is either single-breasted or double-breasted.


The paletot is a semi-fitted to fitted coat. It has peaked lapels, a flat back, and no belt.

Petersham coat

The Petersham or Great coat is a large overcoat usually made of wool. It is used for warmth and protection against the weather. It has a short cape around the shoulders to provide extra warmth and repel rainwater.

Raglan coat

This coat has no shoulder seam but a long uninterrupted panel going straight down from the neck to the palm – ie a raglan sleeve. Raglan coats are loose and comfortable. Raglan coats can be two-seam raglan coats or three seam Raglan coats.


The redingote is a woman’s coat with a close-fitting top and a full skirt. It is cut in a princess style and worn open in front to show the dress underneath.

Sack coat

The sack coat is a loose-fitting coat. It has no waistline seam.

Sheer coat

The sheer coat is worn by women and is made of transparent material. It has a tuxedo front, loose sleeves, and turn-back cuffs.

Slicker coat

This is a brightly colored vinyl raincoat, with or without hood

Swing back coat (Tent coat)

The swing back coat is a woman’s coat with considerable lower flare. It is more fitted at the shoulders and gets looser all the way to the hem. The coat has a flared A-line silhoutted with narrow shouders and fitted bodice and a flared hem. Other names are swagger coat, Pyramid coat.

Trench coat

This is one of the most popular coats today. It is a long loose double-breasted coat made of waterproof fabric with a belt.

Wrap coat

This coat is fastened by a tie belt, with no other fasteners.

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