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Make an easy drapey front Jacket – Free Sewing PAttern

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easy jacket pattern

This  open draped front jacket is one of the easiest sewing projects you can make. Just two side seams and narrow hemming along the edges.

Fabric you can use to sew this Jacket – Chiffon, Georgette, Lightweight linen, Sateen, Silk, Cotton Lawn, Knits, lightweight denim; any fabric which will drape very well is suitable to sew this one

This jackets needs 3 pattern pieces – 2 fronts and one back. To make the pattern you need to fold the front portion so that you can mark the extra lapel portion as well which extend from the bodice ( about 10 inch extra). Front part is two parts- left and right bodice. Remember to make sure you are mirroring patterns ie you have to have a left pattern and right pattern. Keep fabric folded right sides together and mark. Then cut through the middle after everything is marked. 

Measurements needed for sewing the jacket pattern

  • Bust round
  • Shoulder tip to shoulder tip

The height of the jacket is taken as 22 inch ; if you are a taller person, measure your desired length and change accordingly. 

To mark the armhole follow the diagram below


The back is one piece and hence mark on a folded piece as per the direction below


easy jacket sewing

How to stitch the drapey front jacket

Step 1

Hem the bottom edge of the front pieces and back piece. Make a narrow hem. To get a narrrow hem, fold the fabric edge 1/4 inch inside. Stitch along very close to the fold. Trim whatever is extra. Fold again and stitch. You will get a very narrow hem

 easy jacket pattern

Step 2

Make a narrow hem along the front fabric edge of the front pieces.

Step 3

Join the side seams -Joining the front pieces to the back piece. Start joining from the hem ( so that you can keep it aligned / level).

I finished the seams with a mock french finish so that the edges will be neat inside. Mock french seam finish is nothing but seam allowances turned inside and stitched . You can zig zag stitch or use the overlocker or serger. Checkout the post on different ways to do seams for more options 

Step 4

Make a narrow hem for the armhole edges and neck edges as well. The casual jacket is ready. Some mirror work or embroidery or bead embroidery would not be amiss in this jacket


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    1. Hi
      It is like this – the front bodice has two parts. Both of them extend some 10 ” extra in the center . That part will fall down as the drapey front . Hope it is clear ?

  1. Thank you for this tutorial it so helpful, please can this pattern be used for a kimono and does this (”) means inches and can i use cm instead of inches.

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