6 Ultimate Kimono Jacket tutorials

Kimono Jacket is a must have versatile garment which should be in every girl's wardrobe. Please do not confuse these trendy jackets with the traditional Japanese Kimonos.They are nothing like them.

Kimono Jackets are mostly sheer, long, cardigan style jackets which you can wear as an outer garment.  Sew them in knits or sheers or any beautiful patterned fabric you love and wear them with absolutely everything

If you have come here , mistakenly, looking for a pattern for making a Kimono ( which is nothing like the kimono jacket) you can head over to the post on drafting a pattern and sewing a Kimono. Learn more about Kimono and different types of Kimonos here

Kimono Jackets are trendy through out the year - You can sew them for summer as a light and airy jacket over your tank top or wear them over a romper on chilly night outs.You can wear it over your bath suit as a cover up. Transform your boring dresses or t shirts with a brightly patterned kimono jacket in a brilliant color. I have seen black simple dresses transformed to chic with beautiful kimono jackets sewn with a fringed fabric.

Below are some brilliant tutorials to sew kimono jackets. They all have detailed easy instructions and will make you want to sew at least half a dozen in one single sitting.  

Kimono tutorial

The Kimono jacket in the picture is made from a beautiful scarf and like the author, I just love the colour and print. Find a scarf you love and wear it all the time as a kimono jacket. 

Kimono Jacket

This site has downloadable instructions to make this cute kimono jacket ; The one in the picture is made in a luscious voile fabric and has a beautiful trim

 kimono Jacket from scarves

An easy to make Kimono Jacket from scarves with a border print. Love Love.

Kimono cool tutorial

Made in a gorgeous silk fabric this kimono jacket is beyond cool ; The author recommends making a paper pattern before cutting on silk as it can prove slippery; you definitely do not want to ruin a precious fabric like this one.

DIY Kimono cardigan tutorial

1 1/4 yards of a beautifully printed cotton/rayon blend material and some length of pompom trim makes this extremely cute and simple kimono 

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