2 Shrugs you can make with almost no-sewing

Are you interested in making your shrugs but have limited sewing skills, resources, or time - this post goes into detail about making DIY shrugs using minimal sewing techniques or even without sewing altogether.

For me, a shrug is a protection – from the cold, wind, and unwanted attention. This small, waist-length sort of jacket can take the attention away from anything you do not want in your outfit.

If you want a shrug and like to sew one, there are many beautiful patterns and styles around that you can try. But if you are wary of sewing or you cannot bother to do much sewing for a shrug, you can still make it in minutes. Here are 2 ways.

Shrug sewing tutorials

Tie to a Shrug

Take a long shawl and fold it by half.

no-sew shrug diy

Bring both the edges together.

no sew shrug making tutorial

Tie the two corners into a knot.

Bring the tied knot to the middle. You have two holes on either sides of the knot- these are your armholes

no sew shrug making tutorial

Wear it. The knot will be behind your neck. 

Another easy to make shrug

Use a stretchy fabric for making this shrug. Cut out a piece of fabric 31 inches wide and 20 inches long.

Fold by half. Mark 2 squares (with 4 1/2 inch sides) on the two corners as in the picture below.

Mark a curve along the square. Cut it out as in the picture. 

make a easy less sewing shrug

Sew the sides together – the red line in the picture is for the stitching line.

Bring the seams to the middle. That is it, it is a shrug.

Can it get any more minimal sewing than this for a piece of clothing.

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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