Make a front tie Chiffon Shrug :Sewing tutorial

chiffon front tie shrug sewing tutorial

This is a sewing tutorial to make a see-through cute front tie shrug that you can wear with all sorts of sleeveless tops, and dresses.

Chiffon is a slightly difficult material to cut and sew because of its thinness. Read some information on chiffon fabric and how to sew with thin sheer fabrics like this 

How to sew the front tie chiffon Shrug

Step 1 Cut out the pattern pieces

Cut out 2 front bodice pieces from the pattern given below. You need 2 mirror pieces.

chiffon shrug pattern

the front pattern cut out of fabric -chiffon

cut mirror pieces from the chiffon fabric for the front tie shrug

Cut out the back bodice. For this follow the pattern given below.

back bodice for the chiffon shrug sewing

Cut 2 sleeves with the pattern given below.

sleeve for the shrug

chiffon front tie shrug sewing tutorial

Step 2 Finish the hem of the sleeves.

You can turn the edge twice to the inside and stitch or use the rolled hemmer foot with a straight stitch.

sew the hem for the sleeves of the chiffon front tie shrug

Step 3

Keep the shoulders of the front bodice and the back bodice and stitch in place.

Keep the shoulders together  - back and front

Do this for the two front pieces.

sew the other side shoulder seam -front and back bodice

You can either sew a straight seam and then finish the edges with serging or zig-zag stitch or make a french seam. A french seam is very appropriate in that it looks very neat inside. For an almost sheer fabric like chiffon, this seam is the best.

Learn how to sew a french seam here. Basically, it is all about sewing the two pieces wrong sides together to the inside (instead of right sides together as you do for a normal seam) and then trim the seam allowance and then turn the two pieces and then stitch the edge again enclosing the seam line inside the stitching. If it seems confusing you will have to try it out after checking out the french seam tutorial.

shoulder seams

french seams for the chiffon seams

Step 4 Join the sleeves to the bodice.

sleeves attached to the armsyce

Step 5 Join the side seams and sleeve edges

Here also you can use the french seam.

sew french seams for the side seams

Step 6 Edge stitch the rest of the edges

You can use a hemmer foot to roll the edges of all the rest of the edges including the front center edges and bottom edges and neckline edge.

Narrow hem for chiffon fabric

chiffon shrug with a front tie

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