What is a Shrug?

A shrug is an outer garment made of knit fabric or a flowy and/or clingy fabric covering the shoulder, back and top of the arms, and with a center front opening; It falls open in the center front revealing the clothes inside.

what is a shrug

It is usually without any fastener, but sometimes it may have a single tie with strings on one point, usually at the top. 

A shrug is a beautiful way to add interest to an ensemble. Sleeveless clothes can be changed into a sleeved version by the addition of a shrug. If made with a winter ready fabric a shrug can give you enough warmth. Usually lightweight fabrics are used for a shrug but hand knitted/crocheted shrugs are also popular.

You can make shrugs from a rectangular piece of fabric, it is that easy.

A shrug can be cut as one piece – front, back and sleeves can be one piece ; or as seperate as any other garment. Cocoon shrug is this type of shrug which is just one piece. A Cocoon shrug is made from a rectangular piece of fabric joined at the edges to make holes for sleeves.

A Sweater shrug is a waist/hip length shrug made of sweater knit fabric.

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