45+ Different types of tops

Do you know the names of all the different kinds of tops that exist? Here is a list of the many types of tops that a girl will ever want

Here is a list of the different types of Tops.

1. Asymmetrical top

different kinds of tops

This top has an asymmetrical ( not straight) hemline.

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2. Bardot top – Off shoulder top 

different types of tops

 An off-shoulder top has a lower neckline that leaves the top of the shoulder uncovered. It is also called a Bardot top after the Hollywood beauty Brigitte Bardot.

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3. Batwing top (Magyar/ Dolman)

different tops

A Batwing top has a long sleeve with a deep armhole, tapering towards the wrist. You can also call this top a Magyar top sleeve. It is usually made with a drapey fabric.Dolman is similar style.

4 Bralette top

 kinds of tops

Bralette top is a cropped fitting top that looks like a bra with thin straps and bust cups without the hook and eye closures.

5 Boxy top

different types of tops

This is the opposite of a fitted top – as the name suggests this top has a boxy silhouette and is usually made in thicker fabrics.

6 Blouson top

types of tops

A blouson top has a loose shape with a cinched hem or waistline. Elastic or drawstring is used to draw in the extra fullness.

7 Body suit top

different type of tops

This is one-piece form-fitting clothing made of a stretchy fabric, that covers the torso and the crotch and can be worn as a top above skirts and pants.

8 Bustier top

different kinds of tops

This is a tight fitting figure-hugging top with brassiere cups that give support and shape to the busts. The Bustier top is similar to a corset with the difference in the cups and the fact that bustiers may have straps.

9 Camisole top


A close-fitting sleeveless top ( usually worn as an undergarment ) with noodle straps.

10 Cape top

different type of tops

A top with a short cape attached at the neckline.

11 Cardigans & Sweaters 

different top types

Sweaters are everybody’s favourite clothing for winter. There are many types of sweater tops and all of them are made of knit fabric. A cardigan top refers to a cardigan ( a knitted sweater jacket with a front button opening) worn as a top.  

12 Crop top

Wikipedia lists many other names like belly shirt, half shirt, midriff shirt, midriff top, tummy top, short shirt, and cutoff shirt for this short top that barely covers the stomach.

13 Choker top

many kinds of tops

This top has a V neck and a band that looks like a choker just under the neck. It looks like a cut out has been made under the neck band in a Vshape.

14 Corset top

different types of top

This is a top that looks like a corset – the strapless sleeveless tight-fitting garment in fabric with steel boning to shape your waist. A hook and eye closure or a lace-up closure is used to fasten the corset top

15 Collar top

all kinds of tops

Tops with collars. A peter pan collar or polo collar are usually preferred for simple tops

16 Cold-shouldered top

many types of tops

This is a top with a cut out on the top of the sleeves so that skin is bare between strap of the bodice and the sleeve. It is also called open or split shoulder top.

17 Draped blouse

all kinds of tops

A top with a draped (cowl type) folds along the bodice usually at the neckline or along the hem

18 Empire line top

different toptypes

This type of top has a fitted bodice and a gathered/flared skirt attached to it just under the bust giving the top a high-waisted look. 

19 Flashdance top

different types of tops

 A  top made popular by the 1983 film ‘Flashdance. An off-the-shoulder neckline inclined to one side, unfinished neckline edge, long sleeves, loose shape, and grey colour are the features of this knit top.

20 Halter top 

many kind of tops

A sleeveless Top with a halter neckline with a narrow band or ties across the neckline keeping the bodice together

21 Henley neck top

all type of tops

This collarless pullover style top has a  button placket with 2 to 5 buttons. It can have short or long sleeves and are usually made of cotton fabrics.

22 High Low top

all tops

This is top with back bodice cut a lot lower than the front bodice resulting in an asymmetrical look

23 Kaftan top

many type of tops

A kaftan is a loose tunic top with sleeves cut as one with the bodice and flapping sides

24 Keyhole top


This type of top has a small cutout or keyhole shaped opening on the U shaped neckline.

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25 Lace up top

top kinds

A top that has a lace up opening on the front of the bodice or the back or the side seams.

26 Layered top

top types

A top made in a flowy fabric like chiffon with more than one layer of fabric 

27 Maxi Top

types of tops

Tops that reach till the ankles. These tops have long slits starting from the knee or up

28 One shoulder top

kinds of tops

This top has an asymmetric neckline starting over one shoulder and extending diagonally to under the other arm, leaving one shoulder totally uncovered.

29. Peasant top

types of tops

This is a casual loose not too long, usually embroidered top with a wide neck, short and puffed or long and full sleeves, and elastic or smocking at the waist, cuffs, and neckline.

30. Poncho


A poncho is a cloak like top with just a slit at the top for inserting the head – no sleeves or defined bodice. It is worn just slipped over the head. Learn different ways to make ponchos here.

31. Peplum Top


Peplum top has a tight bodice with a flared skirt attached to it from the waistline. The skirt is usually short, gathered or flared cut in a circular fashion 

32. Princess line top

types of different tops

This is a fitted top made by joining long vertical panels – A front bodice of the princess top usually consists of 3 panels. The vertical seams act as darts and give shape to the garment

33. Raglan sleeve top


This type of top has sleeves which extend completely to the collar in one piece

34. Spaghetti strap top

top types

Sleeveless top with spaghetti straps joining the front and back bodices

35. Sweatshirt

different kind of tops

A sweatshirt is a loose, long-sleeved, collarless pullover with close-fitting or elastic cuffs (ribbed) at the neckline, sleeve hem and bodice hem. 

36. Swing top


A top with a widely flared hem.

37. Shirt 

This refers to a blouse that is similar to a man’s tailored shirt with all its features like a high stand collar, yoke, left chest patch pocket, and
button band front opening. Know about the different types of shirts (20 types) here 

38. Smock top


This refers to a loose top which has a gathered skirt attached to it that adds to the fullness

39. Shell top

This is a sleeveless top with a simple, basic, slightly loose shape and a crew neckline. It will have button fastenings at the back

40. Tie front tops

This top has sashes or ties at the hem to tie. It could be cropped or waist/hip length

41. Tank top


A tank top is a waist length sleeveless pullover top with a scoop neckline. Sometimes they have a racerback

42. Tube top


A strapless tight fitting top; It is usually made of a stretchy fabric. Also called a boob top or a bandeau top.

43. Tunic top


Casual fitting hip length tops usually with side seam slits. Learn to make a similar kurta tunic top here.


types of tops

Tshirt as a top needs no introduction. Know more about t-shirts and different types of t-shirts here 

45. Wrap top / Surplice top


A top with one side of the bodice wrapped across the other .

46. X-ray top

This is a see through top – made of thin transparent fabrics and is usually be worn over a slip or camisole top.

47. Yoke top


This top has a shaped pattern piece called yoke along the neck and shoulders. This is usually in a contrasting colour or in a different pattern/print than the other parts of the top. You can learn more about the different types of Yokes in sewing here.

48. Step hem top

This is a top with a short front hem and a slightly longer hem length at the back; the hem resembles steps, hence the name.

49. Tiered bottom top

A top with tiered or layered frills at the hem.

50. Y2k top

This is a tight fitting camisole type crop top, popular during the 2000s

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