Make your own Tie Front Shirt – Free sewing pattern & tutorial


front tie shirt

Step 1. Pattern for the front tie shirt

Front bodice ( 2 pieces ) Make on folded fabric and cut along the center

fron tie shirt top for girls

A-O = 30″

A-B= 19″ (or waist length + 1″)
A-C = 5″

A-E = 3.5″
E-D = B-F=1″

J-P = 1/4 of bust round+ 2″ ( If you want a tighter fit reduce the extra by 1/2 inch )
F-I = 1/4 of waist + 2″

A-K = 1/2 of shoulder + 1″
M-L = 1″
F-G = 4″
F-H= 11″

Back bodice. Mark on folded fabric. 

fron tie shirt pattern

A-B= 19″ (or waist length + 1″)
A-C = 4″

A-E = 1″

J-P = 1/4 of bust round+ 1.5″
F-I = 1/4 of waist + 1.5″

A-K = 1/2 of shoulder 
For the shoulder slope mark down 1″ from the top edge. Mark a little to the inside from the shoulder line ( 1/2″) for the armline

Mark straight down from K to L on the bust line. Go diagonal and mark 1″ from L to M 

Step 2

Cut out the pattern pieces

Front pattern – 2 pieces

front tie shirt sewing pattern

Back piece

Step 3 Embroidery

Did some small eyelet stitch ( star stitch)

front tie shirt sewing pattern

Step 4 Join the shoulders

Join front bodices to the back bodice by the shoulders.

tie front shirt sewing pattern

Step 5

Make a facing pattern for the bottom edge from the same fabric .

Keep the facing and the bottom edge right sides together and stitch along the edge. Turn it rightside out and top stitch along the edge. Use a hand sewing needle with matching thread to stitch the facing in place along the edge with really tiny whip stitches

 make your own front tie shirt

Step 6 Make stands for buttons and buttonholes

Cut a piece of interfacing ( thin) 3/4 inch strip the length equalling the center edge.

Keep this piece 1/4 inch from the center edge on the wrong side ( do this with both the left and right bodices) . Press with a hot iron. Turn under the 1/4 inch edge towards the interfacing and press in place

front tie shirt stitching patterns

Turn the interfacing to the back of the bodice. This is for the stand for button and buttonhole; For girls left side bodice is for buttonholes and right for buttons.

front tie shirt diy tutorial

Stitch in place

front tie shirt tutorial to sew

Step 7

Measure around the neckline( including the button and buttonhole stand)

how to sew a tie front shirt

Make a pattern for the collar as follows.

Cut a piece of interfacing in this measure FOR THE COLLAR STAND AND THE COLLAR. Keep this interfacing cut in the shape of the collar and collar stand on top of the fabric ( two layers). Press a hot iron on top of the interfacing so that it adheres to the fabric. Measure 1/4 inches all around from the edge of the interfacing piece. Mark this ( the red line in the picture below). Cut out this. You will have two pieces of the collar and two pieces of the collar stand.

front tie shirt sewing pattern

Do the same with the bigger collar as well.

sewing pattern for front tie shirt

You will get 2 pieces like this ; one with the interfacing attached and one without

make your own front tie shirt

Stitch around the collar like this ( red line is stitching line) all over the  top edge

Turn the collar rightside out. Use a sharp object to turn the points out.

front tie shirt diy

Top stitch the collar.

tie front shirt free pattern for sewing

Take the collar stand pieces. Keep them rightsides together. Sandwich the collar inside so that the cut edge is inside the collar stand pieces.

Stitch along the red line.

Turn rightside out and you will have a collar like this here

fron tie shirt pattern & tutorial

Keep this collar on the wrong side neckline edge.Open the collar and  Sew as the picture.

tie front Shirt sewing pattern

Turn the collar to the rightside and sew the other edge ( you will have to topstitch after turning under the edge)


how to sew a shirt

Step 8

Mark the buttonholes.  Buttonholes are made first before the buttons. 

tie front shirt

Make the buttonholes with the machine or by hand.On the collar stand the buttonhole is horizontal ( almost diagonal) and on the buttonhole stand they are vertical. 

how to sew a shirt

how to sew shirt

Stitch the buttons in corresponding places on the other stand. 

sew a tie front shirt

front tie shirt pattern and tutorial

make a tie front shirt free sewing pattern

Step 9

Bind the armhole lines with a long bias strip. Do the two armholes.Checkout the bias binding post for how to do this

fron tie shirt - free pattern

tie shirt sewing pattern

Step 10

Finish  the bottom edge of the back bodice with a fabric strip. STitch in place. 

Stitch the side seams. 

how to sew a tie front shirt

Ref: Armhole depth

Bust measurement inchesArmhole depth

327 1/4
347 1/2
367 1/2
387 1/2
407 1/2
427 1/2