Make a Crop Top – Free sewing pattern & tutorial


Crop top sewing pattern

crop top

Both the front and back bodice pattern is marked here. The back pattern is outlined in  red colour.

The detailed measurements are as follows

The total length of the top – measure from shoulder tip to where it should end. Add 2″

A-D = 2″ This is the back neck depth.

A-E =3.5″ This is the neck width and is marked only for back neck as the front neck is marked on the facing piece.
A-F = 1/2 of measure from shoulder tip to the other shoulder tip ; As this is a sleevelss top a little to the inside will look good so take 1/2 inch to the inside from F

G-H = 1/4 of Bust round + 1.5″ = B-P  This is the marking for the side for front bodice. ( The extra 1.5 inches may be reduced to 1 inch if you want a fitting top)

For the back bodice this is marked 1/4 of waist round + 1.5″ from B ( The extra 1.5 inches may be reduced to 1 inch if you want a fitting top)

To mark the armhole measure checkout the table below:

Bust measurement inchesArmhole depth

286 3/4
306 3/4
347 1/4
367 1/4
387 1/4
407 1/2
427 1/2

Mark this measure from A down to G

Mark down I from F ( straight down)

Mark 1″ diagonally to J ; I-J = 1″
Mark 1″ inside from I to K; I-K = 1″
Mark L 1″ diagonally from K ; K-L = 1″

Mark the H-J-M as the back armhole line and Mark H-L-M as the front armhole line

Mark the shoulder slope 1/2 inch down from M for the back and front bodice.

To mark the darts
Calculate the measure of bust round – waist round
Take this as Z
if Z is less than 4 inch mark the dart width( S-T) as 1″ ( 1/2″ on either side of the middle dart line S-Q & Q-T)
if Z is more than 4 inch mark the dart width as 2″ ( 1″ on either side of the middle dart line)
if Z is less than 6 inch mark the dart width as 3″ ( 1 1/2″ on either side of the middle dart line)
Measure between your bust apex points . This is the measure between the two darts.To mark this measure on the pattern, divide this by two and mark from B-Q. The darts should be ending 1/2 inch down from the bust apex point. Checkout the post on dart placements and tips for sewing darts

Make paper patterns – cut out back and front patterns separately and mark on folded fabric


How to sew a crop top

Step 1. Cut out the pattern for the front bodice and back bodice, 2 strips of bias tape for binding the armsyce and two  bias strip pieces  for binding the back necklines.If you are planning to use a lining cut the lining piece as well. I am using the lining as an underlining;  the lining pieces will be treated as the main bodice pieces.The darts and the seams and neckline bindings and armsyce bindings will be done together ( it will be treated as the outer fabric)

This  is the front bodice.

crop top

And this is the back bodice with the neck cut

crop top

Step 2 Make facing for the front neckline

You can make any type of neckline for the front. Checkout the 60 different types of necklines you can stitch.Follow along for what I have made.

To make the facing cut out a piece of fabric of 12″ wide and 12 ” length  ; fold this by the center and mark as per the following pattern

crop top pattern

Cut out the center ( inside the marking ) and beyond the line 3 inches (around the red line in the above picture) and you will get a facing piece like this one

how to make an easy crop top


crop top sewing pattern

Keep it face down on the bodice; align the center carefully ; pin in place

how to sew an easy crop top

Stitch the neckline of the facing and the bodice carefully with a very small seam allowance ( 1/4 inch) ; Clip all along the seam allowance. Understitch the facing piece and the seam allowance together from the back of the bodice.

how to sew a crop top

The neckline will look like this when the facing is turned to the other side


crop top diy tutorial

Step 3 Attach zipper to the back with a lapped method.

You can insert an invisible zipper as well. Checkout the invisible zipper sewing tutorial here

Take a piece of fabric 2.5 inch wide and length 2 inch more than the zipper length . Finish the long edges with a zig zag stitch or a serged finish.

how to make a crop top

Mark the center line on the fabric piece. Draw a line 1/4 inch to either side of the center line , tapering towards the end point at the bottom. Keep it on the center line of the back bodice. Pin in place. For more details on this zipper applicatin checkout the zipper tutorial here

crop top

Stitch along the two lines as in the picture below; cut through the middle line to the end. ( cut to the very end making sure that you are not cutting the stitching lines)

crop top diy pattern and tutorial

Turn the piece to the back of the bodice. I have not finished the fabric strip here – don’t be lazy like  me. Do finish the edges. After a wash or two you will regret that your didnot take the time to do it. I know from experience.

crop top pattern

easy fitting crop top tutorial

Keep the zipper face down on the back on top of the fabric piece. One side zipper teeth is kept close to the edge and the other side zipper teeth is kept 1/4 inch inside. Pin  in place and stitch in place

crop top diy tutorial

how to make acrop top

Stitch the end with a crosswise stitch to secure the end as well; You will get a nice lapped look.

crop top pattern and tutorial

Step 4 Bind the top edges of the back necklines with bias strips. Remember to fold the short edges inside. Keep it on top of the neckline and stitch the edges together. Turn the binding to the back and stitch in place.


Step 5

Make darts for the front bodice 

crop top

Step 6

Attach trim . I am stitching a rhinestone trim to the neckline. Checkout the pictures for details. Kept it face down and stitched one edge. Turned it right and then top stitched the other edge to the bodice.

croptop trim

how to make a crop top

You will have to cut off some or stop the trim 1/2 inch near the shoulder seam. Other wise you maynot be able to stitch the seam together

crop top diy tutorial

Step 7 Join the shoulder seam

crop top pattern & sewing tutorial

Step 8 Bind the armsyce with a bias strip.

crop top diy pattern & tutorial

Step 9 Join the side seams together.

crop top

Step 10 

Hem the bottom edge. If the length is more you can cut off  a little from the bottom edge. Turn under 1/4 inch and then turn the rest of the extra edge and stitch in place. You can handstitch or machine stitch the hem

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