3 Easy ways to sew {ZIPPER} to the back of your dress

How to stitch zipper on a dress

I found from this vintage fashion site that no one has worn centre back zipper dresses before1940’s. Infact the modern zipper was invented in 1914 but got used in clothes only by late 1930’s. Now they are so much a part of dresses, you cannot imagine dresses and gowns without them.

I am a self taught sewist and Zippers used to look intimidating to me earlier. After some trial and error I have found that it is one of the simplest things to sew if you know how to. I am not talking about invisible zipper and such but the simple ordinary dress zipper. 

best ways to sew zippers

You will have to see if the pattern has a center seam first. If it has, you can sew the zipper centered on the back seam or a little lapped i.e it will look like a small flap is there on top of the zipper. The third method involves sewing zipper when there is no center seam. Check it out

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To sew zipper on a dress you need two things 

  • Ordinary zipper – They come in many length and colours. Choose a colour close to your dresshow to stitch a zipper. Even if you get a very long zipper do not worry, you can always cut the extra out and then make a zipper stopper stitch. ie mark the length you want your zipper opening to be on the zipper. Add an inch or two and make a basting stitch or a machine zig zag stitch connecting the two sides of the zipper teeth together. Now you have a zipper stop stitch. If you dont do this the zipper will separate before you manage to  sew  it to the dress.

zipper foot

  • Zipper foot – This is a life saver when you sew the zipper. In a clinch you can use the regular foot of course. If you haven’t used a zipper foot yet, take it out of your sewing box. You most probably got it free with your sewing machine. This foot is a narrow one like a square spoon, with a notch in the left and right for needle. With this zipper foot you can sew really close to that zipper teeth. With a regular foot there will be a space between the stitching line and the zipper opening which is unbecoming.


Note : Please take care that, even while it is essential that we stitch close to the zipper teeth as possible ( which is why we use a zipper foot), you should not sew over the zipper teeth at all. The zipper teeth would not close if you do this. Go slowly when sewing zipper and make sure that even when you cannot see the zipper or the needle you are feeling with your fingers. 

 How to sew the zipper if the dress has a center seam ?

Method 1.  How to sew a Centered zipper ? 

This is a case where there is a seam in the middle of the back pattern. This  zipper insertion is very easy. 

When you cut the pieces for the dress with a center seam, to add a zipper, you have to  add atleast 1 inch as seam allowance to each sides.

Step 1. First you have to Stitch them together with the 1 inch seam allowance; Where the zipper opening is marked should be sewn with a long basting stitch on the sewing machine. The rest you make a regular plain seam with a straight stitch. 

centered zipper

Step 2. Finish the edges of the centre seam with a serger or zig zag stitch.Press the seam open.

how to put a zipper on a dress

Step 3. Line the zipper face down on the seam line . The zipper teeth will be in line with the center of the seam.

Pin the zipper in place. Place a pin just under where you want the zipper to end.

how to stitch a zipper on a dress

Step 4. We will be sewing from the bottom. First we have to sew the bottom of the zipper. Turn the
how to sew a zipper fabric so that right side is facing you.

Run a few stitches parallel to the pin you have placed on the mark for bottom of the zipper. Back stitch here if you want to.

Pivot and stitch along the zipper teeth. 

Do the same thing for the other side as well. You will have to change the zipper foot side if you are sewing from the bottom in the other side.

Step 5. Unpick the basting stitch from the front, very carefully. Your centered zipper is ready. Now you can go ahead and finish the neck facing.

centered zipper


Method 2.How to sew a lapped zipper  ?

This is slightly difficult ,not to sew but to learn than the above method. Here there is a seeming flap over the zip which is an effect created by the sewing.

This is a great zipper application for the side openings in dresses. It conceals the zipper opening nicely.In case it is a side opening, hand stitch the zipper top closed for the time being ( i.e the top 1 inch of a zip) 

Step1. Sew a plain seam for the center seam leaving the zipper opening. Now baste the zipper
opening by hand stitching or machine with long basting stitches. 

Step 2. Press the seam open. how to sew a lapped zipper

Step 3. Keep the bodice wrong side up. Place it so that one seam allowance of the central seam is on one side and the rest of the garment on the other side.

Step 4. Open the zip .Now keep the zip on the central seam, wrong side up,  aligning the zipper teeth directly on top  of the seam. Pin in place. Baste stitch along the seam allowance, where you have pinned.

how to sew a lapped zip

Step 5. Flip the fabric so that the zipper front is facing you to one side of the cloth. Now there is a fold near the zipper teeth. Stitch along the edge of this fold.

lapped zipper

Step 6. Close the zipper . Now turn to the front of the fabric and sew some 1/4 inch from the center seam catching the zipper seam allowance also. Make a horizontal stitch at the bottom.  Stitch up the side of the placket through three thicknesses — the zipper allowance, the seam allowance, and the garment. You can sew this from the wrong side of the garment too.
Remove the machine-basting.
how to sew a zipper

Step 7. Unpick the stitches on the seam carefully now. Your lapped zipper is ready.

How to sew the zipper if the dress does not have a center seam ?

Step 1. Mark the center back of the back pattern, by folding it aligning the sides. Mark the length of zipper opening in the centre fold line.

Step 2. Cut another piece of cloth for the facing with length = length +2 inch & width = 3 inch

Step 3. Mark the zipper opening in the middle of facing piece in a straight line from top to the mark for zipper opening. Finish the edges of the facing cloth.

Step 4. Pin the facing piece  to the  bodice piece, center line matching, right sides together.

how to sew a zipper

Step 5. Stitch around the center line with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, coming to a point at the bottom. The bottom should be stitched one or two stitch horizontally as shown in the diagram.

zipper insertion in a dress

Step 6. Cut through the center line. Make small snips in the seam allowance and near the point at the bottom make  diagonal snips ( thread snips is your friend here). This will make the turnings smooth.

Turn to the other side. Press in place

how to stitch a zipper on a dress back

Step 7. Behind one edge, Keep the zipper open, right side facing you ; stitch close to the edge. Use the zipper foot to stitch close to the edge

how to apply a zipper behind a dress

Step 8. Like the lapped zipper, On the other side, keep the open zipper a little to the inside . Stitch parallel to the seam.Make a horizontal stitch at the bottom of the zip. 

zipper insert in dresses without center seam

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