A Simple Straight Skirt with yoke – Free sewing pattern

Learn how to make a simple straight skirt with yoke and zippered opening.

yoke skirt pattern

This is a pattern for a skirt with a yoke and an elasticized back with a zippered opening on one side.

If you dislike making a tailored waistband and want the flexibility of an elasticised waistband all the while looking flat in the front  ( No bulk in the waistband in the front) this skirt with the yoke waistband is the one for you.

In this skirt pattern, the yoke looks neat from the outside as well as inside with all the seams neatly tucked inside.It is very easy construction and tucks in all the ugly seams

How to sew the yoke-straight skirt – Steps

Step 1

Cut out the patterns. You need 2 big pieces of fabric for the yoke ; 2 pieces for the skirt and a 7 inch zipper ( any type would do but an invisible one looks great) and a piece of 1″ or 3/4 inch elastic 

cut pattern for yoked part of the skirt - front yoke and back yoke

Skirt piece for the yoked skirt


Front yoke

A-G =1″ This is marked down from A so that there is a slight curve in the waist. 

A-F = 1/4 of waist round + 1.5″

C-D = 1/4 of hip round + 2″

Back yoke

L-M = N-O = 1/4 of hip round + 3″

After you have made the pattern you will have 2 pieces of front yoke pattern and one piece of back yoke and 2 skirt pieces.

Step 2

Keep the two front yoke pieces right sides together and join the top edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance

the front yoke pattern pieces

Step 3

Fold the back yoke fabric piece by the center 

back yoke pattern pieces and elastic

Keep the elastic inside and baste in place on one end. 


Keep the elastic inside the back pattern piece


Step 4

Open the front yoke piece and lay it out flat. Keep the edge of the back yoke inside the front yoke piece and then bring down the other side down over it so that the back piece is Sandwiched inside the front yoke.

Keep back yoke inside the front yoke

Turn the top seam allowance down and stitch together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

Turn under the deam allowance

Turn the pieces right side out. Now both the front yoke and back yoke are joined neatly with the seam allowances inside.

Bring the fabric right side out

Step 5

Take the other edge of the back yoke.Keep the other side of the elastic and baste in place near the middle center fold line ( ensure that the elastic is not twisted )

Turn it wrong side out. Keep the zipper face down inside this edge.

Join the zipper side to the elastic side

Keep the zipper piece inside as in the picture with top edge folded down. Stitch the edges together.Use a zipper foot on your machine so that you can stitch close to the zipper teeth

yoke skirt pattern


It will look like this when turned right side out ; One side of the back yke attached to one side of zipper.

Keep the zipper inside and stitch in place ;

Step 5

Take the other edge of the front yoke with face up. Keep the zipper face down along the edge of the yoke as in the picture below. Turn the top piece of the yoke  by the middle fold so that the zipper is sandwiched inside.

Joining the other side of zipper to other side of fabric edge

Stitch the edge together making sure that the stitching line is close to the zipper teeth( zipper foot is ideal). 

Turn under the seam allowance

Remember to turn under the top edge of the zipper down. 

Use the zipper foot or you can open up the zipper teeth and then stitch with your regular feet as well but a zipper teeth sure helps to keep the stitching line close to the zipper teeth.

Turn the yoke piece rightside out and you will have the  zipper attached neatly

Yoke brought right side out

Trim the bottom edge of the yoke evenly

Step 7

On the back yoke the elastic is inside the fold of the fabric but not stitched in place.

Stitch the elastic in place by making a stitching just under the elastic (effectively making a casing) ; you will have to stretch the elastic a little bit to get it nicely done without bunched fabric

Sew along the elastic

Step 8

Make a tube of the skirt pieces by stitching the side edges together ; You have a tube now which has to be attached to the yoke part

Make a skirt tube with the 2 skirt pieces

Step 9

Stitch the yoke and the skirt tube together

Sew the skirt to the yoke

I have inserted the yoke piece to the skirt pieces so that the right sides of the two pieces are touching and then sew the edges together. The skirt is almost done.

yoke skirt sewing

Step 10

Hem the skirt – You can easily turn under the fabric edge and make a simple hem

I have chosen to add a simple lace trim to the skirt here.

I kept the lace trim face down and top edge up on the skirt 1/2 inch away from the bottom edge

Hem the bottom edge of the skirt

Stitch the trim to the skirt

Turn the top edge of the trim down. Fingerpress.

Attach fabric trim to the hem of the skirt

Now turn to the back and fold the bottom fabric edge twice and stitch in place. Remember to maintain the same distance from the edge when stitching, as this stitching line would be visible from the right side of the skirt

yokeskirt pattern and tutorial

Step 11

I also attached some sequins – checkout the tutorial for 10 ways to attach the sequins on to the skirt

I chose to use some fabric glue to paste the sequins randomly ( supposed to be a flower). Done.

Attach sequins with glue to the skirt

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  1. Do i fold the back yoke piece lengthwise or widthwise? How long should the front and back yoke pieces be? Not the waist measurement, length from waist to hip?

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