Asymmetrical neckline

Updated on July 27, 2022 by Sarina Tariq

An asymmetrical neckline translates to a one-shoulder neckline in fashion vocabulary; the kind that covers only one part of the neckline, forming an asymmetrical look. According to the dictionary asymmetry is “having parts on either side that do not match or are not the same size or shape”. A one-shoulder neckline/symmetrical neckline cuts the torso diagonally, crossing from one shoulder to underneath the arm of the other side. asymmetrical neckline gown

An asymmetrical neckline must have started in the ancient times when men and women wore wraps across one shoulder, leaving the other shoulder uncovered, showing off their broad shoulders. For them, other than the aesthetics of being feminine, this neckline would have made the other arm free for work. You would have seen statues of greek men wearing their himation (shawl) this way. Ancient Romans wore Togas – with the one-shouldered style.

Today the one-shoulder neckline, aka asymmetrical neckline, is more of a decorative neckline – a very feminine and enticing one that graces clothes that are used as occasion wear. It is a favorite style for swimsuits, wedding gowns and other evening wear.


The best thing about an asymmetrical neckline is that as it only covers one shoulder, it brings attention to the face, showing off a sculpted shoulder and arms.

Another important consideration is that you can design this neckline with different looks other than as a severe one-step slash by including features like ruffles/ frills, a single big rosette flower/corsage, bows, etc

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