How to sew Neckline Slits

Neckline slits are cute. They are cuter when they are on the front but they are still cute on the back – it is an easy way to sew an opening for your top or dress.

To sew this cute neckline slit on any type of neckline design, cut out your bodice, mark your neckline and then cut a facing for your slit. Cut the facing to match the dimensions of your slit plus some extra 1 1/5 inches on the sides and the bottom.

Mark your slit on the facing. Mark the stitching lines also – the red line in the picture is the neckline slit and the white lines on either side for the stitching lines.

neckline slit facing

The stitching lines start 1/4 inches on either side of the center slit line but tapers to a point when it reaches the end. At the end a 1/8 inch horizontal line is marked – this can be done while stitching instead of marking on the slit. This one stitch line is essential for smooth turning later. 

Keep the facing on top of your right side up bodice. Pin in place.

Stitch along the stitching lines you have marked. Remember to make that one horizontal stitch at the end.

After stitching is done, cut through the middle slit line. You have to cut till the end. Be careful not to cut the stitching line.

cut through the marked line

Turn the facing carefully to the back. Clip the extra from the facing if you want to. 

turn facing to the back.

Turn the edges and hand stitch in place. Take just one or two threads from the fabric to get invisible stitches on the front. Refer this post on invisible stitches and handy hand stitches.

hand stitch the facing in place on the back of the neckline slit

Your front side should not have any visible stitches. Press everything. You can top stitch along the edges of your slit to make it stronger. 

press the neckline slit

This bodice is then attached to the back bodice by the shoulders and then the neckline is finished with a bias tape.

the front and back bodices joined together

You can find as many as 6 ways to finish the neckline with a binding in this post.

Another way to finish a neckline slit is to make a full neckline facing. The photographs are from this post on making a kurta tunic top.

neckline facing

Cut out your bodice and the facing. I have used a pattern like this. You can change it to your liking.

Cut it out.

cut out the facing for the neckline

Turn the edges of the facing once to the inside and hand stitch in place. Keep the facing face down on your neckline (Face up). Pin or baste stitch in place.

keep the facing on the neckline
sew the slit

Stitch along the marks, cut the center line and turn to the back – everything that I have done earlier. 

turn facing to the back and press.

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