Keyhole neckline : How to sew one & {10 best placements for a Keyhole on the neck of your dress}

keyhole neckline

What is a Keyhole neck ? 

As the name suggests, keyhole neckline has a keyhole cut away along the neckline.  The keyhole usually has a slightly convex shape and the top of the convex shape may be left open or joined together at the top edge of the neckline (usually with a closure). Other shapes of the keyhole neckline include a teardrop shape, an oblong shape etc. It is an appealing neckline as it takes away the severity of a regular plain neckline.

Different styles of keyhole neckline. 

1. Simple straight keyhole neckline

keyhole neck

This kind of neckline is cut straight down on the central fold of the bodice

2 Regular keyhole neckline

keyhole necklines

This has a correct convex shape with the top secured with a metal hook and eye.

3 Keyhole placed to the side

keyhole neckline definition

Here the keyhole is placed to one side of the neckline rather than on the center of the neckline

4 Keyhole in the back

keyhole neckline define

The keyhole shape can be bigger on the back.

5 Keyhole joined with bead chain

what is keyhole neckline

The top of the keyhole can be bridged by a bead chain as in this case or simple metal chains or a metal pipe or fabric tube.

6 Keyhole neckline with ties on top.

keyhole neckline types

The keyhole can be tied at the top with fabric ties

7 Round Keyhole neckline

8 Choker Keyhole neckline

9 Tear drop shaped Keyhole neckline

keyhole neck line

keyhole neckline

10 V shaped Keyhole neckline

keyhole neckline

How to sew a keyhole neckline

Cut out a facing for the neckline – the red line indicates the stitching line – here I have drawn a straight keyhole. For a convex shape you have to draw that shape. 

keyhole necklines

Or a convex shaped one.

types of keyhole necklines

keyhole necklines

Keep the facing on top of the bodice. 

keyhole necklines

Sew the neckline. As you reach the end take a single stitch across (rather than bring it to a point) – this will create a small space there which will make the turning smooth. 

keyhole necklines

Cut out the extra – leave 1/4 seam allowance. Especially important is to cut  to the end of the bottom point.

Clip the seam all along – the red lines in the picture indicates where you should clip. 

keyhole neckline

Turn the facing to the right side. 

keyhole neckline 1


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  1. Thank you for indicating that you need to take a stitch at the bottom of the V! This step is so often left out of directions but is so important in making the keyhole facing lay flat!

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