V-Neckline : 6 ways to sew a V-neck in a dress/top

Different ways to finish the V-neckline

V neckline, which resembles the alphabet V, is one of the most popular of all necklines – it is flattering to most body shapes and because of the way it elongates the upper torso, an absolute favourite of many.

Different types of V- necklines


There are not one but several ways that you can add a V-neckline to your clothes. The simplest of v necks to one added separately to a plunging one. Some of them are as follows

How to sew V necklines

1. V-neck With simple facing

This is the usual way of stitching a Vneck. You get a clean finish. 

To sew this you have to cut a facing for the v-neck;You can mark the neckline on the facing and then place it on the bodice. Place it on the front bodice and then sew in place, both rightsides together. Checkout the post on facings for more details on this.

how to sew a v neck

Cut off the extra and trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch. Clip the seam allowance every 1 inch and right to the tip of the V so that there is no puckering when you turn the neckline right. This is very important

v neck

Understitch the seam allowance to the facing so that the facing will easily roll to the backside;  then turn to the other side for a beautiful v neckline.

v neckline design

If you want a nice structured v-neck, you should attach iron-on interfacing (the very thin type) to the facing cloth. You can trim the seam allowance of the facing interfacing so that it would not add to the bulk of the seam.

2. V-neckline binding

v neckline tutorial

One of the easiest ways to finish a neckline is to just bind it using some bias strips. But with a v-neckline, you have a slight dilemma  on how to manage the v-tip without the cloth awkwardly bunching up or puckering.

This is how I do it. 

You will need to cut the bodice so that the neckline can accommodate the extra inches of the width of the binding. Here I have cut an 8-inch wide neckline.

Checkout the post on bodice pattern for details on how to cut bodice. Make the front and back bodices. Join them at the shoulder seams 

how to sew a v neckline

Now take your binding piece. You need to measure around your finished neckline of the bodice for this. Say you get 24 when you measured this – add a generous 5 inches to this. So I will cut a binding that is 29 inches long. The width of this binding will depend on what width you want. Multiply this by 2 and add 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Fold the fabric strip you have cut by the middle, right side out; press in place.

Find the middle of the binding strip; align this to the center back of the bodice.

Now start attaching this to the neckline from the center back (aligning the center of the fabric strip and the center back) right sides together

You have to stay stitch the v neckline tip with a stitching line 1/4 inch from the edge -This step can be done before you join the bodices. Cut the seam allowance of the V tip to the stitching line you have made, as in the picture below. 

Continue to attach the binding till the v tip ( the stitching line tip) on either side

Use the iron to press the seam allowance down so that the binding comes right where you want it to be.

Turn the bottom raw edges of the bindings to the inside. Fold the top binding at the v tip to the inside as shown in the picture. 

I have seen a slightly different version in this blog which is a slightly improved version of what I do with mine. In this tutorial, the binding is pushed inside and stitched from the inside. I am simply folding it to the inside and stitching from the top.

Stitch in place; red line in the picture.

Finish the seam allowance with a serger or zig zag stitch

3. Add a collar to your V-neck 

You can make a band collar and sew a v neckline by making a facing for the v-neckline and then topping it with the collar

mandarin collar

Checkout the post on stitching a mandarin collar for more detail on how to sew this vneckline.

mandarin collar

4. High neck and V neck

A high neckline is usually accompanied by a V neckline.

5. Finish V neck With button placket

This is a v-neckline  with a button placket opening

You will have to make two  front bodice pieces – left and right sides

Cut vneckline facing for both the pieces. Keep the button loops on the center edge of the front bodice piece.

Place the facing piece on top and stitch . Turn the facing to the other side and press in place.


6. V-neckline with trims / piping 

sew a v neckline

Sewing trims/ piping on the V neckline is slightly tricky – to get it without puckers needs some patience and practice. Careful sewing and clipping at the right places can make your job easier.

v neck

Cut the piping ( checkout the post on making and sewing piping for details on how to make your own piping cord) 2 pieces for either side of your Vneckline. 

how to sew vneckline

Keep them overlapped at one short edge as in the picture below. Stitch them in place.

Make a stay stitch at the V tip 1/4 inch from the edge and clip to the tip of the V. ( till the stitching line)

sewing a v neckline

Keep the center portion (overlapping) of the piping on the stay stitch line (Stretch open the cut area) you have made.Baste stitch in place.

sew vneck

Stitch the piping in place on the neckline edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance; Start stitching from the center. Use zipper foot for all your piping sewing. Turn the seam allowance to the back . Now Top stitch the piping in place from the rightside.

7. Yoke style V-neckline with embroidery

v neckline

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neckline facing -tutorial

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