17 Different types of SKIRTS you need to know about!!

A skirt is just a tube shaped garment hanging down from the waist. But it is a very versatile tube which makes the wearer sophisticated, feminine, flirty, warm, stylish, prim & proper, daring – depending on its make and mode. I bet that you will find at least one skirt in every girl’s wardrobe – atleast as a petticoat or as a divided skirt or a half slip or whatever. You cannot ignore this piece of fabric sewn into many different styles and types to suit the body shape and the fashion style of the times. 

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    After you have explored the different types of skirts donot forget to checkout which skirt would suit you the best as per your bodyshape or the easiest skirt pattern or the different free skirt patterns 

    choose the right skirt style that suits you easy skirt pattern  free skirt patterns

    Types of skirts

    1.A line skirt

    This skirt has a slight flare which makes this one look like a capital letter A. Hence the name A line skirt. This is one of the most common and popular silhouettes among skirts.Checkout the tutorial to sew a simple Aline skirt 

    different types of skirts

    2. Fitted skirt

    As the name indicates this is a form fitting skirt from waist to the hips usually with the help of darts. Pencil skirt is in this category. This is a very figure flattering skirt. Checkout the tutorial to sew an easy pencil skirt and the best tops to wear with a pencil skirt


    3 .Drindle skirt

    This skirt is  a straight skirt which is gathered at the  waist.The fullness of the gathers is fitted by a waistband.Checkout the tutorial to sew an easy skirt. 


    4. Tiered skirt

    types of skirts

    5 Sarong drape Skirt

    Sarong is a square piece of fabric which can be wrapped around the body to make a skirt. 


    6 Layered skirt

    In this type of skirt layers of ruffled fabric are arranged one on top of the other  to form a skirt. skirt9-compressor

    Checkout  this tutorial to make an easy ruffled skirt with an old jeans and some fabric

    how to make a skirt from jeans and fabric

    7 Circle skirt

    This is a very full skirt which is somewhat fitted at the waist. The fabric piece of the skirt will resemble a circle with a hole which is why the name.Checkout the tutorial to sew circle skirts or the tutorial to sew a skater skirt


    8 Gored skirt

    This is a panelled skirt with sections of fabric giving fullness to an A line silhouette. A petticoat skirt pattern which is given here is a panelled skirt


    9 Godet skirt

    A godet is triangular piece of fabric inserted into the body of the skirt to give fullness.

    10 Trumpet skirt


    A trumpet shaped skirt is fitted near the waist and till the bottom hem and then flares outside near the hem.A mermaid skirt is a trumpet shaped skirt . Checkout the tutorial to sew a Mermaid skirt here 

    11 Wrap skirt

    This is a one piece skirt which is wrapped around the body, overlapping and fastened with the help of ties or a button closure. Check out the tutorial to draft and sew a free size fits all reversible wrap skirt and a stylish asymmetrical wrap skirtskirt-2-compressor

    12. Divided skirt

    A divided skirt looks like a skirt with wide flares but is actually divided into two legs like pants 


    Checkout this tutorial to sew a divided skirt

    culottes pattern

    13.Pleated skirt

    This type of skirt has pleats or  a single pleat arranged around the waistband or a yoke. 

    types of skirts

    14. Asymmetrical Hem skirt

    These are skirts with a hem which looks asymmetrical ; A Handkerchief skirt is one, which looks like you are holding down a handkerchief pinching its center, with its corners hanging down.


    15. Bubble Skirt

    These skirts have a puffy silhouette just above the hem with the hem gathered (going in) with an elastic casing or a band

    many kinds of skirts

    16. Yoke Skirt

     These are skirts with two parts to them – the yoke above and the skirt below. The yoke may be of different types – round, asymmetrical or triangular. This skirt is also called the hip hugger as the yoke fits around the hip.The skirt below may be gathered or pleated. Checkout the post on sewing a yoke skirt skirt styles

    17 Tulip skirt

    This skirt as the name suggest has the shape of an inverted tulip flower. It is a skirt with overlapping panels in the front with an irregular hem because of the way the it overlaps . The skirt is wider at the middle than the hem or waist

    tulip skirt

    Skirt lengths

    skirt length

    Depending on the taste of the person wearing a skirt or the style prevalent or even the cultural influence on the wearer or the body shape of the wearer, the height of the skirt can vary greatly.

    • Micro mini – This skirt length ends 1 inch below your bottom. Another way to look at it is the length of the skirt itself – extremely short at about 8-10 inch.
    • Mini -This skirt length ends at mid thigh
    • Above knee length
    • Knee length
    • Cocktail length ( Street length) This length ends anywhere between just below the knee to above mid calf.
    • Midi – This skirt length is somewhere between the knee and the ankle
    • Long or Maxi skirt – This skirt length is between right below mid calf to lower calf some 10 inches from the floor
    • Formal Evening or full length skirt -This skirt length is seen 1 inch above the floor.
    • Floor length – Apparently grazes the floor

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