Asymmetrical skirt – Free Sewing pattern

Free pattern to make an asymmetrical hemline skirt

An Asymmetrical skirt is the type of skirt that kids will love to twirl in.These skirts have a quirky beauty and the flare and the twirl make it apt for a gypsy style dressing or a Bohemian style. This is an elastic waist asymmetrical skirt with a lot of flare

asymmetrical skirt pattern

Dictionary says Asymmetrical as having parts or aspects which are not equal or equivalent. An asymmetric skirt is asymmetrical at its hem i.e. the hemline does not lie in a straight line. There are many ways to give an asymmetrical hemline to your skirts. This is an easy one and best made for kids 

A Gathered asymmetrical hemline skirt

You will have to cut 4 pieces from your fabric like the one in the pattern given below.Select a flowy fabric for this skirt. 

This is a better skirt with lots of flare so take a fabric piece of atleast 24 inch for a good enough flare, so that means the regular 36 inch wide quilting cotton and such fabric will give you only 1 piece of the skirt. And you need 3 more of such pieces. So calculate the yardage.

asymmetrical hemline

You also need 7 inch wide fabric strip for joining as a frill at the bottom.

Join the pieces by the center to form back and front pieces.I have a wide fabric and for my daughter who is thin (I decide she didn’t need that much flare) so managed with one piece. 

And I am a scrooge.


Measure the bottom edge of the skirt ( the inverted V shape). You need a fabric piece which is this length ( If you want more frills you can double this, gather the fabric strip and then attach) .

Width I have taken is 7 inches. Add 1/2 inch more for turning the edges. In my case I left net edges as is; net fabric donot fray. Yay.

asymmterical skirt

I just cut the same length and Attached to the space as in the picture. If there were gathers I suppose it would look better. Hindsight !

Join the sides . I have chosen a net fabric so I made a french seam so that the seam would look neat enough.Remember that you will be joining only C-E. The rest of the side edge is left as is. So if you have fabric which you want to turn under the edges, do it before.

And then made a lining skirt as well, to go inside the skirt; It is a tube which ends just above the frill.

Joined the lining into a tube. Hemmed the lining skirt

asymmetrical hemline skirt

Inserted the lining skirt to the main skirt. Baste stitched in place at the top edge.

Made a casing for the elastic on the top edge and inserted the elastic. Because the fabric is net I left it as it is. You should measure your waist round and then minus 1″ from this or try the elastic on the waist for a snug fit, add 1/2 inch or so seam allowance

Join the elastic edges with two three rows of zig zag stitches, and sew the opening on the casing shut.

asymmerical skirt pattern


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