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Cut and Sew a Wrap top : Step by Step tutorial

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Step 1 Make the pattern for the bodice

Take measurement on your body. You will need to take your bust round, waist round and hip round, Length of the top you need, length of the sleeve. 

First fold fabric for the back bodice by the middle and then mark the following dimensions.

Back bodice.

The side flare (S-H) as marked in the pattern is optional.

wrap top sewing pattern

Front bodice.

wrap top sewing pattern


Step 2 Cut out the bodice fabric pattern pieces

You need one back bodice and two front pieces. To cut the back bodice, you should fold the fabric and cut ; To cut the front pieces, keep 2 fabric pieces right sides together and then mark on the top pieces. 

wrap top

WRAP TOP - sewing tutorial

WRAP TOP - sewing tutorial

Step 3 Cut out the pattern for sleeve

Take two fabric pieces of 17 inch wide and length you need for the sleeve. Keep the pieces right sides together. Mark as in the picture below. 

Mark through the markings.

Cut it out.

how to sew wrap top

wrap top

Open the sleeve. Keep the two fabric pieces the same way- right sides pressing together to the inside. Mark on one side ( this will be the front side of your sleeve) Mark down 1/2 inch from the earlier armhole line

Cut out that side.

how to sew wrap top

Step 4 Hem the sleeve edge

Fold the hem edge twice and stitch in place.

how to sew a wrap top

Step 5 Cut out sashes

You need to cut two fabric pieces for the 2 Sashes you need –  5 inch by 32 inch. Fold the fabric piece by half and make a sash. 

how to sew wrap top

how to sew wrap top

Step 6 Join shoulder seams

Keep the shoulder seams together, right sides to the inside and join.

how to sew wrap top

how to sew wrap tops

Step 7 Bind the neckline and hem

Cut out bias binding tape from extra fabric – you need to bind the neckline and the front flaps and the bottom edges of the front flaps and the back bodice hem.

how to sew wrap top

Cut out 1 inch bias binding tape.

how to sew wrap top

Keep the tape along the edge and sew the binding. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and then trim the seam allowance. Turn the binding to the other side and fold and stitch in place.

how to sew wrap top

how to sew wrap top

Step 8  Sew the sleeves

Join the sleeve.

sewing pattern for wrap top

how to sew wrap top

Step 9 Join one side seam

You need to join the side seam with one of the flaps as in the picture below.

how to sew wrap top

Clip the seam allowance near the sleeve joint so that there is no puckering on the right side.

Step 10 Join the other side seam

On the other seam you have to insert one of the sashes and then stitch.

how to sew wrap top

Step 11 Sew the sash 

Turn the top right side out – one of the flaps is free, not joined to the seam – you have to join the other sash to this flap. Just keep the edges together and stitch

To prevent the neckline from coming open you can attach a snap button to the inside at the v neck that the neckline forms.

how to sew wrap top

wrap top sewing pattern

For a more accurate fit you may tweak the measurements of shoulder, armhole depth , length of top, as per your body measurements.

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  1. Thank you so much..it was easy to follow..i just made a pretty top today…i think you should have clarified the measurement from the centre front to the wrap part,i was lost on the inches i needed for the wrap effect

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