Make an Asymmetrical MINI WRAP SKIRT – DIY pattern & tutorial

After I made the long wrap skirt I wanted to make something  short and fitting with all the convenience of a wrap skirt.A long wrap skirt is great with its waist ties and comfortable fitting but if you need some pizzazz in your dressing along with the convenience of a wrap skirt you got to sew this one. It is an easy sew skirt with three panels, and  button and snap on button fasteners. 

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wrap skirt

Asymmetrical mini wrap skirt Pattern

The pattern given here has 3 pieces – Back piece, Front piece and then the front flap. 

mini wrap skirt with asymmetrical hem

mini skirt


Then you will have to cut out waist band piece, facing for the side edges and the bottom hem.

The front flap of this skirt  is based on the front pattern but slightly longer. So when drafting the pattern keep the opened front pattern on a big piece of paper and trace around it. After your have traced the whole pattern, remove the front pattern and make the necessary markings as per the pattern below.

If you are adding a different fabric piece to the front panel half, remember that you should be adding half inch seam allowance to each piece.

How to sew the Asymmetrical mini wrap skirt

Step 1

Cut out the fabric pieces for the skirt and waistband and facings. Mark the darts on the back panel.Sew the darts.

Step 2

Join the front panel pieces together . Press the seams open


Step 3

Join the 3 panels to each other.You now have the skirt piece. 

Step 4

Hem the side edges with a facing. I prefer facing but you can also turn under 1/4 inch twice to the inside and stitch. For the front edge I prefer a hand stitched edge. 

Step 5

Fold the waistband piece by half lengthwise. Turn under the bottom edges inside. Press in place. Turn under the side edges in as well.Press.

mini wrap skirt

Step 6

Pin waistband to the waist edge, inserting it fully into the skirt . Top stitch in place. Stitch on top edge as well as the bottom edge.

.mini skirt pattern with asymmetrical hem


Step 7

Sew the hem edges by joining a long facing piece to the edge.  Turn under and stitch in place.

mini skirt wrap

Step 8

how to sew a mini wrap skirt

Mark the buttonhole on the front flap waistband near the side seam. You can hand sew the buttonhole following this directions. Attach the buttons on the waistband of the front pattern on the edge. Try on the skirt and see where you should be applying the button. Sew the buttons following this tutorial.

Step 9

Attach the snap buttons on the back of the front flap waistband and on the front pattern as marked in the pattern.

Skirt is on !
If you would  like to make more skirts checkout the free skirt sewing patterns here
mini wrap skirt asymmetrical

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