13 Circle skirt patterns and tutorials (Free)

Learn to sew a circle skirt with these BEST TUTORIALS around the world -Make these circular skirts, which are trendy,feminine and favorites of all girls .

This post lists a couple of free circular skirt patterns by different bloggers.

I just love the flowing lines of a circle skirt. They look good on most girls with their full folds of fabric and and neat silhouette near the waist and hips. They have the required fullness of a gathered skirt without any of its bulk.  

If you are not sure about whether a circle skirt would suit you or not, you can check out this post on 10 Classic Skirt styles – How to choose the BEST skirt for your figure and then proceed. 

The following patterns and tutorials for sewing circle skirts make the sewing of these skirts a breeze. Choose one to sew for every week. Just imagine floating along in the voluminous folds of these beautiful skirts.

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Free sewing patterns for Circle skirts

Tutorial : the circle skirt


This is one of the most popular tutorials for a circle skirt with many bloggers referring to these patterns to make their pretty skirts. Very detailed instructions with beautiful pictures 

Tutorial : belly dancers circle skirt pattern

circle skirt pattern

This is a very simple long circle skirt pattern for belly dance costume with a video.

Fishtail Circle Skirt

This one is a beauty – the tutorial as such is not detailed but if you have a circle skirt pattern, the instructions given on the site (the author also has a circle skirt pattern)are enough to make a pattern for yourself for this fishtail circle skirt.  

Tutorial : reversible circle skirt

This ideal skirt for a little one is reversible and uses an elastic casing at the waist.

DIY Skater skirt

This beautiful skater skirt tutorial uses a circle skirt pattern with a zipper closure and fabric belt.

Circle Skirt Pattern & Tutorial

Kaysi from craftkeepsmesane blog gives instructions to make this very feminine circle skirt with tulle frill.

Knit circle skirt

Making a circle skirt with knit fabric is very easy as you do not have to hem the bottom edge if you do not want to. For perfect smooth edges the author recommends a rotary cutter. 

Layered circle skirt tutorial

This lovely skirt  has three layers which will delight your little girl.

DIY Maternity circle skirt

The blogger who has done this tutorial says this skirt makes waist and legs look smaller hence a boon for pregnant ladies. Anyways when you are pregnant you need every help to feel feminine and this beautiful skirt sure makes the model looks every inch attractive.

Icecream social skirt

This skirt uses striped jersey because of which you donot even need elastic ; the elasticised trim gives a very nice touch to the skirt

How to make a circle skirt

circle skirt

This skirt is beautiful in its pretty printed fabric and a bow and a very clever waistband with elastic. 

Circle skirt tutorial

This is a very detailed skirt tutorial with beautiful pictures of the step by step process.

Jersey circle skirt

Very easy tutorial for a  double layered skirt in jersey fabric. 

Hemming the edge is in my experience the most difficult thing about stitching these skirts. Checkout this post about How to hem with a sewing machine or 16 ways to hand hem. A narrow hem is the best choice for this skirt.

Skirt hemsskirt length

flounce hem skirt

maxi skirt and dress patterns  free skirt patterns

shirt skirt

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  1. I used this pattern with great ease! Thank you! An extremely happy granddaughter! In time for the school concert. Made and mailed in a day!

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