Make a beautiful {SHIRT SKIRT} from a shirt- Easy DIY tutorial

A Shirt Skirt is a shirt which is refashioned to a skirt.

how to make a shirt skirt

There is no reason why a girl shouldn’t have more skirts than she already has. To be able to make them yourself is a boon because you know how to sew. A shirt skirt is definitely one you should make for more than one reasons. 

The first reason why you should make one is that the shirt skirt is one of the easiest skirts you can make. Most of the work is done for you by the shirt’s manufacturer. You just need your body measurements and a large shirt and some sewing experience. The top stitching in the  shirts are mostly very professionally done and look beautiful.They also have pockets which is an added feature for your skirt.

shirt skirt

Which size shirt do you need to make a shirt skirt?

If you are a 36 around the hip like me you need a 42 size shirt. That is what I learned by making this shirt. So a 34 inch hip round could get a skirt with a 40 size shirt. Best thing is to get the biggest shirt you could get your hands on. You can get shirts at a thrift store dirt cheap. You could use your husband’s or daddy’s old shirt if he is a big man or go to the thrift store. 

Materials needed to make shirt skirt

  • A large shirt
  • A fitting skirt or pattern ( I used a pencil skirt made from this pencil skirt pattern)
  • Matching thread 
  • Embroidery thread and needle ( If you are embroidering)

How to make a shirt skirt or skirt shirt


Step 1

Select the shirt you will be refashioning – the skirt shirt.Larger the better. 


Step 2.

Place a fitting skirt you already have on the skirt. You can also draw the pattern for a skirt on to the shirt if you donot have a skirt already.Better to make a paper pattern and keep on the skirt and cut it out. If you are placing an already owned skirt, make sure you are leaving 1″ seam allowance at the sides. Cut the top edge straight. The bottom edge is left as it is. 


You have three pieces now. The back piece and 2 front piece ( on either side of the button placket)

shirt skirt

Step 3

Sew the side seams of the skirt. For this align the bottom edges and start sewing from there. This is important because if you start from the top, the bottom edges may not meet. Seam ripper is a very handy tool, but no need to use it needlessly.Finish the fabric edges with a zig zag stitch or overlock.



Step 4

Make the waistband for the skirt.

Try the skirt around you.If it fits,Measure the top edge of the skirt. You need that measurement + 1 inch extra ( 1/2 inch seam allowance for either sides for the waistband).The width should be about 2.5 inches to get a waistband of 1 inch. You can decide on the width you need.

To make the waistband  – cut waistband pieces from the hands of the skirt. Depending on your waist round you may need two or more pieces. 

Join the waistband pieces together


Finish the side seams of the waistband on either sides. Fold the waistband piece lengthwide, right sides together. Sew the side edges. Now turn the piece rightside out. (or alternatively, You can simply top stitch the waistband from right side also)


Turn under the bottom fabric edges of the waistband and press in place with a hot iron. 


Insert the skirt top edge to the waistband, pin in place. Top stitch the waistband to the skirt piece.


The skirt is ready. You can sew a buckle and metal bar as fastener.

You may want to stitch the front  opening closed except for the top button. This is to prevent any mishap of the skirt coming open at inappropriate places. 

I did some embroidery around the buttonholes to pretty up the skirt and make it more feminine. I have done blanket stitches in a trellis shape. 

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