SKIRT LENGTH : 9 Names that define skirt hemlines

Skirt length is no trivial matter. The hemline and the length of this universally liked clothing requires quite a bit of deliberation. Afterall, the skirt is accepted as the best attire for women in even the most traditional and prestigious business places. Then there is the hemline index, linking economy to skirt length.

The so-called hemline theory which came up during the 1920s says "shorter the hemline, stronger the economy". This observation of the relation between hemlines of skirts and the economy is attributed to Wharton Business School Professor George Taylor. In short, this means that during good economic times many women could afford silk stockings and hence raised their skirt hemlines. When economic conditions got worse the hemlines were lowered because they could not afford silk stockings. 

In a more ordinary scenario of our lives, the choice of the length of the skirt is more of a personal choice. You will be deciding on the skirt length according to many factors, other than personal choice - like the fashion of the times, culture, height, weight and shape of the person, personality, and comfort. If you are looking at short skirts one more important consideration comes into play - the shape and condition of your legs.


Micro Mini

An extremely short skirt length, just covering the underwear. This is usually worn over hosiery. 

Mini Skirt Length

This skirt length is at about 3 to 4 inches above the knee

Street Skirt length

This skirt length is at or just above the knee

skirt length

Midi Skirt length 

The skirt length falls between the knee and mid-calf.

Tea length 

This skirt length fall on the mid calf, about 6 to 7 inches from the floor. This length can make you look taller and thinner if the hemline comes about two inches above your ankle.

common skirt lengths

Ballerina Skirt length

This is a skirt length that falls just above the floor but reveals the ankle beneath. The hem can be right on the ankle bone, or just a few inches above, giving a glimpse of the ankle bone.

Floor Skirt Length 

This is a skirt length that just grazes the ground or comes to about 1" above the floor with shoes. This is a dressy style more suited for evening or formal wear. 

types of skirt lengths

Handkerchief Skirt length 

This is an asymmetrical skirt length with the high point at mid-calf and the low point falling to about the ankle

skirt length

High Low skirt length

This is another asymmetrical skirt length, with the front portion shorter than the back - the front hemline will fall somewhere between the knee and the midcalf and the back will be longer