15 Different types of hemlines

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A hemline is a line formed by the bottom edge of a garment – and as in anything related to fashion and clothing, a hemline is not limited to a single type – As if, if you have seen a straight hemline you have seen it all – What a joke! There are so many other types of hemlines than that straight one. 

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Different types of hemlines

1. A-line Hem


This refers to a hem which is slightly wider than the waist – the clothing gradually flares from the shoulder or the waist to the hem to make it look like a capital A. Usually, the bottom edge is a little curved.

2. Asymmetrical Hemline


Asymmetrical Hem refers to hemlines that are not straight. It will usually have different levels of hemline (uneven) on either side of the bottom edge of the clothing.

3. Bubble Hem

In this hem, the bottom edge is gathered into a hem less wide than the original edge causing a bubble to form at the hem.

4. Fishtail hem


This is a hemline that resembles the tail of a fish – usually, the skirt is tight till the knee and then flares out.  

5. Flared hemline

hemline types

A hemline with a lot of flare. 

6. Handkerchief hem

In this hem, the clothing is cut in a way that the bottom edge looks like a handkerchief has been held down from the middle, so that the corners of the handkerchief hangs down as more than 2 points in the front and in the back.

7. High-Low hem

kinds of hemlines

This is a hem in which the front hem is shorter than the back hem – there is a gradual increase to the back from the front.

8. Raw edge hem


This is a hem with frayed edges.

9. Ruffled hemline


This hemline has ruffles along the edge.

10. Sharkbite hem

This is a hem with two points extending down on either side of the front and on either side of the back – it is considered a jagged uneven look like that of a shark bite, hence the name.

11. Shirttail hemline

Hem of a shirt which is longer in the back than the front, which is useful when you tuck in your shirt hem into waistbands of pants or skirts. It is longer in the middle with a curved shape.

12. Slant hemline

In this hemline one side is usually longer than the other side resulting in a slanted line

13. Slit hemline


A hemline with a slit – it could be a small slit or a deep slit.

14. Step hem 

types of hemlines

This is a hem seen in tops and polo shirts – the hem resembles a step with the front hem slightly longer than the back.

15. Tiered Bottom Hem

different types of hemlines

In this hem there is extra fabric added as layers giving the garment a layered or tiered look.

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