Make a simple A-Line SKIRT – DIY Pattern and sewing tutorial

 Gathered skirts are great ofcourse, very convenient, most easy to sew and nothing to say about the ease of pulling it on and off with its elastic waistband but a girl needs a flattering skirt at times . What could be more flattering than an A-line skirt. 

aline skirt pattern

What is an A-line skirt ?

Basically a skirt which slides over the hip from a fitting waist and flares to the hem.  A line skirt is that versatile skirt which will look good on you whatever your bodyshape is. It flatters an Apple bodyshape – Contradictorily it suits the big hips of a pear shape too

Actually most of the skirts fall into the A line shape – Checkout this post on the 17 different types of skirts you can have – most of them have flared shape. The true A line skirt comes without any pleats or tucks – it fits the waist and hips and gently widens to the hem. You can make the A line skirt in any length you want.  Decide on a length which suits you and look out for the fabric. Make a flattering wardrobe staple which you can wear for a long long time

Method 1. Easy A line skirt pattern

This is a super easy to sew Aline skirt pattern

aline skirt diy

Take two pieces of fabric, each of width atleast 36 inches ( for adults with a bust round of more than 32 inches 44 inches and higher is needed). The height should be the height you need for the skirt plus some 3/4 inch extra for hem

Fold the two pieces by half and cut the pieces as per the measurement given below. A-B is the height of the skirt plus 3/4 inch extra. The red line is the cutting line. A-G is a slight done curve and C-E is marked so that skirt donot hang from the sides as it would if it was cut straight across. You can choose to cut this anywhere between 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

I have cut two pieces of the lining as well. These lining pieces are treated as one with the top fabric pieces. The height of the lining pieces should be about 1 inch or so lesser or otherwise it will show (peep) outside.

Hem all the fabric pieces for the skirt – lining as well as top fabric. A baby hem is the best as the curve would not take wider hems. To make the baby hem, turn under 1/4 inch of the bottom edge; stitch very near to the fold. Trim the seam allowance close to the stitching line. Again turn under 1/4 inch and stitch

You need to attach a zipper to the skirt

For this, first sew the side seams of the skirt.

Keep the back and front skirt pieces right sides together, stitch along the side seams with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. On one side from top edge leave a 7 inch unstitched. This is for inserting the zipper

You can either insert an ordinary zipper or an invisible zipper. I am attaching an invisible zipper. Checkout the posts explaining how to insert invisible zipper as well as How to insert ordinary zippers

Put on the skirt and see if the skirt is fitting. If it is loose, and not snug fit, stitch the other side seam a little to the inside to make the skirt tighter.

Make a waist band.Measure top edge , add 1/2 inch for seam allowance, and 1 1/2 inch extra for attaching buckle  or hook

Cut out a fabric which is 2 1/2 inch – 3 inch wide and length equalling what you calculated earlier

Stitch on short edge by folding the waistband fabric by the center, right sides together and stitch the seam. Do the seam for the other short edge – here you will have to stitch 1 1/2 inches on the bottom edge as well

Turn the waistband right sides out.

Keep the unstitched edge of the waistband on top of the skirt top edge, right sides together. Stitch the edge. Another way to stitch (better looking) is to stitch one edge of the waistband to the skirt edge and then turn under and top stitch the other edge. But I pormised easy. This IS easy.

Attach hook to the inside of the projected waistband part and a hook to the other end of the skirt waistband and the skirt is ready

Method 2 Aline skirt with darts. 


how to sew an A line skirt free pattern

If you want the convenience of a gathered skirt along with an Aline silhouette you can checkout this simple gathered elastic waist skirt pattern

easy skirt pattern

A line skirt Sewing Pattern

Preshrink the fabric first. This is necessary if you donot want a skirt which get too small after the first wash. Most fabric shrink and especially cotton/ cotton mix

Measure snugly around your waist ( Where you usually tie the waistband of skirts ; this differs for all) and around hip and also measure the skirt length you need. 

Aline skirt pattern

a line skirt free pattern

Materials needed to sew this skirt

7 inch zipper

2 pieces of the skirt pieces ( front and back) cut as per the pattern;
Waist band fabric strip & interfacing


Step 1

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Step 2 – Sew the darts and Join the side seams

Sew the darts for the front and back pieces. Remember to tie the thread tails of the darts( because we never backstitch darts you have to tie the end of the darts with the thread tails so that they donot come loose).

Pin the skirt side seam right sides together, aligning all the seams 

Sew it together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance

For zipper opening Mark 7 inch from the top; make basting stitches till this 7″ mark on one side seam. Sew the rest of the seam with a regular stitch.

a line skirt pattern

Step 3 – Attach the zipper

Press the seam allowance open on the wrong side (where you have made the basting stitches and sew the seams)  ; Keep the zipper face down on the seam allowance on the inside and stitch the zipper edges to the skirt

Keep the zipper face down on the seam, aligning the zipper teeth with the seamline

Attach zipper foot on your machine
Sew the zipper to the seam on either side of the zipper teeth.
Make back stitches at the start and the end

how to sew an aline skirt

Checkout the post on zipper application for more details

Open the basting stitches of the facing and the main fabric ( zipper opening) with a seam ripper( I have lost my zipper foot in my fabric stash, which is why the stitching line looks woozy).

sew a line skirt tutorial

Step 4 – Make the waistband for the skirt

Try the skirt tube and see how it fits you at this point . If it is too loose that means too much ease; so add another stitching near the side seam.

Measure the top of the skirt, Cut out a fabric strip of length = Measure of the top edge of the skirt + 1.5″ -2″ extra ( for seam allowance and the projection for hooks).Cut out a 1″ strip of interfacing for the waistband length as well (Optional)

aline skirt

Fold the waistband right sides together and stitch the short sides together.Keep the interfacing inside as well. Clip the seam allowance. 

aline skirt sewing pattern

Turn the waistband right side out

a line skirt diy tutorial

Keep the waistband on top of the top edge. Stitch the inside edge to the top edge. Stitch the waistband to the whole edge. 

a line skirt sewing pattern

Now turn the other edge of the waistband to the other side and top stitch (stitch in the ditch)

aline skirt stitching pattern

Step 5 – Attach hooks to waistband

Attach a hook at the top of the zipper and a thread bar if you want to, along with a projecting thread bar. Checkout the tutorial for attaching hooks and sewing the bars here

aline skirt

Step 6 –Sew the hem.

Turn under 1/4 inch then another 1/4 inch and stitch the hem. Or you can cut a facing strip for the bottom edge and then sew it as a binding, which is what I did. All aound less frustrating swears that way. 

Checkout other options to sew hem by machine and more hemming stitches by hand .

Do Finish the fabric edges inside  the garment as you sew with a zig zag finish or serger. Makes for a better garment inside as well as outside. 

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