Make a long flared skirt – Free Size (Sewing Pattern & Tutorial)

Free Sewing Pattern and step by step instructions to sew a Free size Long flared skirt with an elastic waist

step by step instructions to sew a long skirt with flare


This is a sewing pattern to make a very flared long skirt with an elastic waist, which is Free Size. Make one, and almost anybody in your family can wear it; how is that?.  

How much fabric do you need to sew this skirt? – this depends on how you will cut the fabric for the skirt.

If you cut fabric panels for the skirt lengthwise you will need 4.25 meters. If you cut the fabric panels crosswise you will need 3.50 meters. Cutting lengthwise is recommended because the fabric falls gracefully when cut like this but then, you have to contend with the middle joint and get more fabric – it is your choice. For more details checkout posts on the grain line of the fabric and how to cut fabric

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how to sew a full length skirt

Or this one may appeal to you which is 2-skirts-in-one : Make a long full reversible skirt.

Reversible skirt sewing pattern and tutorial

Long Flared skirt sewing pattern & tutorial

Step 1. Mark the pattern for the long skirt

The first pattern given below is for a skirt cut lengthwise. You will be folding your 4.25 meters into 4 layers of length 40 inches ( or more if you are taller than 5 feet 4″). This length will give a skirt which is 39 inch long

The selvedge on one side will form the middle joint.


Cut pattern piece from the length of the fabric - selvedges are on either side. 40 inches long

Alternative: The second pattern given below is for a skirt cut crosswise. You will be folding your 3.50 meters of fabric into 2 fabric layers of width 65 inches. Fold the two pieces again by the middle and mark the pattern as given below.

Long flared skirt free sewing pattern & tutorial

Step 2. Cut out the pattern pieces.

The pattern is cut from the fabric
4 panels of the pattern are cut from fabric

Since I have cut the fabric lengthwise I need to join the fabric panels at the middle to form the back and front panels of the skirt.

Join the panels by the middle

Keep the fabric pieces right sides together and stitch the edges together. Press the seam allowance open.

making Long flared skirt diy tutorial

Step 3. Join the front and back skirt pieces together

Join the front and back pieces together

Step 4. Make the waistband

Cut out a fabric piece of length 45 inch and width 4 .5 inches (To be accurate about the length, measure the top edge of your finished skirt and then add 1 inch seam allowance). This is your waistband piece. 

Join the ends of this piece together to form the tube as shown below.

Fabric to make waistband for the skirt - 45 inch and width 4 .5 inches

Step 5. Join the waistband and skirt

Keep the waistband wrong side out. Keep the skirt also wrong side out.

Keep the waistband on the top edge of the skirt. Stitch with a 1/4 inch allowance.

waistband piece kept face down on the skirt and sew in place

Turn the skirt rightside out.

the waistband on the skirt top edge
Bring the skirt rightside out ; the waistband brought up

Bring down the waistband piece over the seam of the waist.

Folded down waistband
Fold down the waistband to the front over the seam

Fold the edge to the inside 1/4 inch and stitch in place. Leave a 2 inch portion unstitched to insert elastic.

Top stitch in place
Waist band top stitched ; Leave a little space unstitched for inserting elastic

Step 6. Insert elastic

Cut out 25 1/2 long elastic piece. (For accuracy measure your own waist with the elastic – tug it around you a little snugly and add 1 inch to this measure)

I am using two elastic pieces of 1/2 inch width and inserting it into channels on the waistband.

(You can use single piece of 1 inch wide elastic instead of two pieces of elastic.)

For inserting two elastics make a stitching line by the middle of the waistband.

elastic to be inserted inside the waistband
Make channels in the waistband to insert thinner elastic

Insert elastic with a pin. Join the edges of the elastic together with a zig zag stitch.

Join the elastic ends

Both the channels of the skirt inserted with elastic

Stitch the opening closed.

If your waist is very thin, add another drawstring along with the elastic so that you can tie and secure it or reduce the length of the elastic.

Step 7 Hem the skirt

A narrow hem is recommended here. Learn different ways to sew a curved hem here ; Optimally, you can use your rolled hemmer foot to make a rolled hem.

long skirt sewing pattern & tutorial

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

37 thoughts on “Make a long flared skirt – Free Size (Sewing Pattern & Tutorial)”

  1. Beautiful & simple skirt to make. It can also have a white band of contrasting white fabric attached to the hem for effect, as white goes beautifully with red. Deep red is my favourite colour.

  2. This skirt can be made into any favourite colour. Red is my favourite, which caught my eye. It’s a beautiful, very simple & quick skirt to make. For extra effect, you can attach a 5-10cm width of folded white band at the hem, giving it a look as if there was a white band at the hem, or if longer, a white underskirt. White trim of some sort goes beautifully with red.

  3. Thank you for a terrific post! I’ve been sewing for decades, have learned how to make my own patterns and have training in alterations. I think this tutorial is wonderful! I’m teaching sewing lessons to children now and I was looking for a simple skirt pattern and having trouble finding a suitable commercial pattern for my class. I think I may revise my class to make a skirt without a pattern and this is perfect! I’m sorry you had to endure to nasty comment. I think you’re doing an amazing job!

  4. What is the best way to draw the hem curve?
    When making the paper pattern, I drew the waist first and then, proportionally, around the hem but it looks like it will hang unevenly.
    Any suggestions? (I’m a curvy girl with large hips. I’ve measured the waist so it slips over them)

  5. Joint???
    What are you talking about?

    These instructions are incomprehensible and seriously need to be rewritten, in Standard Mid Atlantic English. With all steps, not assumptions that we are psychic.

    • Join – which in English means “bring (two or more things) together” and connect them – sew them —-.
      Joint – a point at which parts of something is joined
      Sorry if it reminded you of something else 🙂

    • Very incredibly rude . Not the authors fault your intelligence is below average… Also, some advice.. because your intelligence is lacking.. when you need help understanding things in future perhaps be polite and respectful when asking for more information.. being rude about it and then expecting help is incredibly obnoxious and entitled. You’re lucky the author is very patient and kind in her response. A lot of people who are publishing a FREE tutorial would’ve probably told you to get lost.

    • Oh my goodness you are acting so entitled. You do relies there’s other languages right? Not just American english?

  6. I’m a bit confused by the instructions. “The first pattern given below is for a skirt cut lengthwise. You will be folding your 4.25 meters into 4 layers of length 40 inches ( or more if you are taller than 5 feet 4″).” You say that you are folding it into 4 layers, but nothing after that references having multiple layers of fabric or sewing 4 panels together. When I’m done cutting should I have two big blocks of fabric for the length or four? If I’m supposed to have four are two of those lining pieces?

    • Hi Nicole
      I have written about joining the pieces together in step 2 of the tutorial
      This skirt is without lining – if you need you will have to cut seperate

  7. Thanks so much.pls i dont understand d meter u use.if i av 2yard i.e 70 inches,wil it b enough.and also i didnt get d difference in d length wise and crosswise.pls an pls

  8. Thank you for a clear and easy to understand guide for this skirt! I seen one commenter asking about what types of fabric can be used for this but you only mentioned the poly cotton and thick satin. Is there any other fabrics that would work best w this pattern? What about 2 way or 4 way stretch? & sorry if I’m not using correct terms or if I sound hella confused (it’s bc I am) I am a beginner

    • Hi Nelda
      You can increase the waist of the skirt to fit over your hips and then some ( ease and seam allowance extra).

  9. Yeah but… how do you get it on? Don’t you mean cut 2 pieces 23 Inches long — join together— then attach to top of skirt. Cut waist elastic 1 inch smaller than waist measurement… so for a 23″ waist cut 2 pieces 22″ long, for a 31″ waist cut 2 pieces 30″ long.

    • Hi Mevs
      Thank you for pointing it out. It is a typo. The waistband was to be 45 inch not 23 inch. No one would get into the skirt : ) Corrected

  10. wow…this is beautiful!! thank u for making sewing easy for me. also can u help me with a pattern for pencil trouser..thanks!!

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